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Discussion in 'General' started by Sailorsboy, Nov 14, 2020.

  1. Sailorsboy

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    I'm trying to identify the unit that Arthur Smith served with in WW2 (the name doesn't help!). I have 2 photographs which don't show much detail and although I know he served in Africa in 1940 I don't have any service record information. I'd be grateful for any help ar advice anybody can offer me. ArthurSmith050.jpg ArthurSmith049.jpg
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    Not much to go on, first photo is Service Dress so pre-War through to Early war - the trousers/puttees/boots with spurs imply mounted - along with the white lanyard I'd be thinking artillery - the second photo is Battle Dress in its original format made from 1937-42, along with the FS cap gives a feel of around 1940-43 I'd say - this is probably the later taken photo so interesting to see he has "lost" his stripe - I'm struggling to work out his formation sign or cap badge unfortunately
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  3. Sailorsboy

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    It was a long shot without much to go on. Thanks for your help - I'll keep looking for other pictures of the man in the family albums.

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