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    Hi all.
    There is a photo in the book “British tanks in Normandy “ that states as follows, “A 147th regiment RAC column of Churchills (see tactical sign 157) is travelling towards the start line. Note the number 7 in a square (B squadron) on the muzzle cover and the white star painted on the top of the mudguard.
    When I looked online at the IWM website online collection (the photo is IWM reference B7636) it is listed there as 107th Regiment.
    IOne of the listings is obviously a misprint, is anyone able to confirm if it is 147 RAC or 107 RAC? It’s a key question tome as if it is indeed 147 then there is a very strong likelihood that one of the three tanks in the picture is being driven by my father!
    Any help greatly appreciated.
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    It is 107 RAC, you can see the King's Own insignia on the co-driver's arm, we also have the 157 tactical marking.

    147 RAC was Hampshire Regiment.

    Bouchery screwed up the markings on 34 Tank Brigade and misinterpreted the photographic record.
  3. stag

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    Hi Swiper.
    Thanks for that, it clears the confusion up nicely. Close but no cigar for me!

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