Historic photos from North Africa... not sure what is depicted...

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    Greetings to all - long-time member, first posting; WW2-North_Africa-GCP-Jr-006a.jpg WW2-North_Africa-GCP-Jr-006b.jpg WW2-North_Africa-GCP-Jr-006c.jpg WW2-North_Africa-GCP-Jr-006d.jpg these are some photos that my father brought back from his service in North Africa and Europe... I assume these are from North Africa - and i dearly wish I had asked him about them before he passed. One shows French officers saluting at some kind of parade; that may be too general a view to be identifiable; the other three apparently show German officers under custody of Allied troops... either preparing to enter a vehicle or in a vehicle, in one case the driver being an American private. Can anyone shed any light on what is depicted in the photos? Any help will be appreciated... thanks in advance!
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    I’d hazard a mildly educated guess that the photos originate from about May 1943 and the end of the North Africa campaign in Tunisia

    The man on the right of the 2 French officers saluting is Harold McMillan the British “Resident Minister” in the Middle East 1942/45 and the future UK Prime Minister 1957/63. It was likely taken during a Victory Parade in Tunis.

    The German officer in the last 2 pictures looks like General Von Arnim commanding officer of the surrendered German Forces in May 1943.

    The Italian officer will also be photographed about the same time - possibly Field Marshal Messe?

    Giovanni Messe - Wikipedia

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    I think that the French officers are Generals Henri Giraud and Charles Mast.
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    the fourth photo shows two German officers in a military vehicle drive by an American private; any idea who those two are? Maybe the left hand one is Carl-Hans Lungershausen? thoughts? thanks again to all!

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