Holocaust Memorial Day

Discussion in 'The Holocaust' started by Wise1, Dec 15, 2004.

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    And there are two articles on Auschwitz in the January 2005 edition of BBC History magazine:

    The first, Auschwitz: inside the minds of the killers by Laurence Rees, mainly covers the biography of camp commandant Rudolf Hoss and his role in creating the extermination centre.

    The second, Monument, Memorial or Museum by Daniel Snowman, is an appropriately named discussion about Auschwitz today.

    Finally, in January (dates and times to be announced), BBC2 is running a new series, Auschwitz: The Nazis and the "Final Solution", produced by Laurence Rees (see above), who wrote and produced The Nazis: A Warning from History.
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    It seems a shame that this year there seems to be some boycotting from the various communities, i dont know if it is just me but there seems to be a feeling of the holocaust memorial day losing its identity if it was upto some people and then this is compounded with general denial talk it makes you think what will come of all this?

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    Well, people can boycott the day f they wish, but they cannot prevent other people from remembering.
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    Just thought I'd mention today is Holocaust Memorial Day here in the UK.
    It centres on different themes each year.

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    Thanks for bringing that up Marc. I had forgot it was today, what is the theme this year?
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    Neither my husband nor I are particularly good with dates and tend not to remember anniversaries, so it was with some surprise that HMD jumped into my mind on Friday.

    Apart from Shoah being on TV last weekend, I have neither seen nor heard any mention of it in the media etc.

    It will be easy to forget it if nobody reminds us.
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    Hi Mr Gnomey
    Sorry for the delay in the reply, but been out in the field, cooking in a mess tent, all w/e.
    The theme this year was concentrating on the rescuers, the people who liberated the camps.
    A lot of them still suffer, alongside the survivors and I feel they also deserve to be recognised for all there efforts.
    I think people should visit the website www.hmd.org.uk and see what it is all about.
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    I had a look on the website Marc, some good stuff on there, some of it very moving.
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    Saw today that on UKTV History next weekend (17/18th Jan) the entire sereis of Auschwitz and the Nazis by Laurence Rees is being shown back to back......

    Watched it when it was on BBC2 first time round...excellent series.....
  12. Elven6

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    About two weeks from now, on the 27th which is a Tuesday.
  13. James S

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    A moment for the world to reflect , if only we could learn........... man sometimes does disappoint.
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    A moment for the world to reflect , if only we could learn........... man sometimes does disappoint.

    How very well put.
    Learning from the past mistakes appears to be forgotten in a lot of cases.

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    I take my entire Year 9 to the excellent 'Beth Shalom' Holocaust Memorial Centre in Nottinghamshire where they meet a Holocaust survivor, on a date as close to Memorial Day as possible. This year we're going on the 28th.
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    This year.
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    Beth Shalom is a great place. I'd recommend everyone to visit it.
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    I remember watching the programme live from Auscwitz a few years back 60th anniversary of liberation I think:unsure: it was snowing and it was a really nice service the atmosphere came across.
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    Does anyone know if anything is happening for the 65th Anniversary?

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