Hong Kong & Singapore Royal Artillery: which army?

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    The HK & SRA was recruited specifically for service at those Asian ports, though some elements of the corps served in the Middle East (Aden) in WWII. It had some Chinese and Portuguese half-castes but most of the personnel were Indian, mainly Muslims and Sikhs from the Punjab with some Jats as well. Now, given that most of the other ranks were Indian, did the HK & SRA belong officially to the Indian Army, or to the British Army? If anyone knows I'd be interested.
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    According to the info on this thread, they belonged to the British Army according to the Army List:
    Hong Kong-Singapore Royal Artillery, 1940 [Archive] - British & Commonwealth Military Badge Forum
    Having discovered, via the Army List for 1940, that the Hong Kong-Singapore Royal Artillery sat in the Order of Precedence of the British Army after the Infantry of the Line (and before the Royal Malta Artillery), i'd like to know what cap badge they wore. Anyone got a picture they could post -or did they wear the normal RA pattern badge with other distinguishing marks (titles, etc)

    Two brief articles on the unit"s history here:
    Malaya Command: Hong Kong Singapore Royal Artillery (1)
    Malaya Command: Hong Kong Singapore Royal Artillery (2)

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    I am interested in military Pipes & Drums and their Pipe Majors. I understand that the Hong Kong & Singapore Royal Artillery did have a pipe band, but don't know if that was during WW2 or before. .
    Has anyone got more information about this Pipe Band?
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