Hospital Units in India January 1945

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    I have been looking for a list of hospital units (numbered Indian/British/Combined Base General Hospitals etc) in India in 1944 and 1945 and whilst reading 'World War II Medical Services: India' by BL Raina I came across the attached chart which sets them out for many of the locations.

    Base Hospitals in India Jan 1945.jpg In addition to these there were a number of Station Hospitals to provide hospital services for troops stationed at the local cantonment. It seems that the Base Hospitals and Convalescent Hospitals listed were the main treatment locations for troops evacuated from Imphal, Arakan. Kohima and Burma with major injuries. Whilst the Indian troops were treated at all of the centres listed it is interesting to see that British troops were mainly treated at Karachi, Ranchi, Poona, Secunderabad and Bangalore.
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    Brilliant find Skoyen89. I know that Secunderabad Cantonment was given over to become a convalescent hospital for retuning troops from Burma and POW's from Rangoon in mid-1945. A few of the men captured on Chindit 1 ended up there after liberation and initial hospitalisation at Calcutta. There was a nice story from one soldier, Pte. Leon Frank, who was astonished to be sold cigarettes at his hospital bed by his former Indian servant from the 13th King's time at Secunderabad in April 1942.
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    Any mention of hospital/convalescent Depot at Bangalore? My father met a lot of his pals who were captured at Singapore there.
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    Hi Lionboxer. Not that I've seen so far. The book in itself is not that interesting and is taken up with explaining the lineage of the IAMC and internal administrative matters rather than detail on the hospitals and their work which is what I hoped to find. I will bear you in mind as I read it though.
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