How do you find/hire a researcher in Holland?

Discussion in 'Research Material' started by Gary Kennedy, Aug 19, 2020.

  1. Gary Kennedy

    Gary Kennedy Member

    I asked this question on a more specific basis a few months ago, and am compelled to revisit the subject more generally.

    It turns out that the 'Nationaal Militair Museum' in the Netherlands has a nice selection of both British Army and US Marine Corps training manuals and pamphlets in their collection. I've been able to hire researchers in the UK, Canada and Germany to make copies of archive material that I was interested in.

    I'd like to be able to at least speak with someone in Holland who offers a similar service, to find out the likely cost and terms of service. After a few nights searching on the Internet however, I've come to the conclusion that, if there are such researchers in Holland, they are very well hidden.

    Anyone know how to get in touch with researchers in Holland who might be able to spend a day or two copying or photographing the stuff I'm after? I'd settle for a genealogist who fancies a day doing something different...

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  2. Robert-w

    Robert-w Banned

    They're probably there - do you speak Dutch?
  3. JDKR

    JDKR Member

    Ask Stolpi or send him a PM if he doesn't pick up on your post.
  4. jonheyworth

    jonheyworth Senior Member

    What are you after ? The copying of training manuals ?
  5. AB64

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    Might be worth list the manuals you are after, I have a good few hundred British and Commonwealth manuals, I know member Richard Fisher has a large collection (with a fair few already shared online), and other members may have odds and ends tucked away you might get lucky
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  6. Gary Kennedy

    Gary Kennedy Member

    Thanks for the replies. I will keep Stolpi in mind!

    Yes, the NMM has a good selection of British training documents. They look to have a pretty full set of the Artillery Training series, which has some titles on the handling of various types of RA Regiments. I don't know if they are to be found at Kew, and would happily get them from there if they reopen before Doomsday.

    The NMM also has an intriguing sounding set of Tactical Instruction Memorandum issued by the USMC, covering various aspects of Marine Div Artillery. They might be chocked full of detail of interest to admittedly probably just me, or just have a great sounding name. No one else seems to have them.


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