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    I have a photograph of my late father's which is captioned HQ Squadron 7th Armoured Brigade Trieste 1946 and I recall him telling me that he drove the Brigade Majors tank. I know he was in the 4th Hussars and also 4th RTR, in the photograph they are wearing the RTR cap badge, the problem I have is that neither of those two units are listed as being in the 7th Armoured Brigade! Is it wrongly captioned. Can anybody shed any light?
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    post the photo if you could,would help members assist you
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    The main units in 7th Armoured bde were - 2nd RTR - 6th RTR and 8th RTR- through most of the Italian Campaign - the 4th RTR ( Scottish) were merged into another RTR unit in the Desert - the 4th Hussars came up with 1st Armoured Div from Tunisia for the Gothic Line battles and when the 1st Armoured were broken up then - I think - joined 56th Div - then 6th Armoured in Austria and back down to Trieste- so it would be a fair bet that he was 4th Hussars - Ron might know of him !
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    Photo attached (I hope).

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    I am researching a relatives war history and know he served as a fitter in the 7th Armoured Brigade Squadron HQ for quite some time and he was in the RAC,
    But I cannot find his exact unit, .would he have been assigned from an RTR unit to the Brigade HQ , say 2RTR or could he be just RAC ?

    His units listed on service record are-
    51st Training Regt.- Royal Armoured Corps-7th Armoured Brigade-7th Armoured Brigade HQ sqdn
    . -61st Trng. Regt.



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