Infantry division near Paderborn in July 1945?

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  1. Chris C

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    Hi all,

    I was watching videos yesterday of the British testing of German armour at the Henschel testing grounds near Paderborn on July 4 1945, and I got quite excited when I realized that the Archer present had a name painted on it when I looked at it again. (??? SUR MER)

    Also, I had only watched the video showing the Valentine next to the hull of the E-100 prototype tank. I hadn't watch the Tiger tank being driven along with the Valentine and Archer! It got me wondering whether it would be possible to identify which unit supplied these vehicles - I can't make a divisional marking on either of them.

    Valentine next to E-100. Archer name visible at 1:10.

    Driving a Tiger, Valentine, and Archer, starting at 0:26. They drive in circles starting at 2:50

    Looking at the war diaries I have, I suspect these vehicles would have come from the 20th AT Reg't (3rd Division), 52nd AT Regiment (5th Division), or 54th AT Regiment (52nd Division). Were any of these nearby?

    I say that because I don't have those regiments' war diaries for July, and the other regiments either had turned in their vehicles or were at least an hour and a half away and I don't think I see mention of sending vehicles. I could be incorrect, though.
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  2. Owen

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    I can see 3rd Inf Div triangles on the Archer just to left of towing eye by track on the first video.
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  3. Chris C

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    Thank you Owen!! I will take another look :)
  4. Owen

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    Cropped image

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  5. Tricky Dicky

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    Its also on the shoulders of some of the officers in the clip

  6. Chris C

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    Thanks guys, I had completely missed that. :)
  7. Historic Steve

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    Can confirm from Kew documention for 20th Anti-Tank Regiment RA of 3rd Infantry Division
    29 May 45 to 16 Aug 45 – Büren south-west of Paderborn
    and as at 4 Jul 45
    52 were in Braunlage south-west of Goslar
    54 were in Aspelare south-east of Melle in Belgium
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  8. Chris C

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    Thank you, Steve, that's brilliant!

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