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    Hey, just looking for information on a family member who served in the 7th Royal Tank Regiment R.A.C. who died aged 25 on friday the 3rd of january 1941 his name was Sidney William Prince (lance corporal)

    Looking for any information on people who knows what that regiment did during the war etc or if any one remembers him. His brother is still alive and im sure would love to hear about it thanks :)

    Im really interested in the 2nd world war so anyone can add me
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    Welcome to the forum and good luck with your research. There are a lot of great people here with a huge amount of knowledge that I'm sure will be able to help.
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    Try & find an book called Wavell's Offensive by Bryan Perrett, lots of info & pics of 7 RTR.
    Will tell you about what was happened back then.
    3-1-41 7 RTR were helping the Aussies capture Bardia, they were using Matilda II tanks.
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    Thanks very much
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    When did he join the regiment? I have the units War Diary for 1940.
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    Welcome. I am sure when the rest of the army experts get going you will have more help than you know what to do with...
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    I dont know thats all the information i have, only just recently found out that a member of my family was in the army and died. thank you everyone for your information and help so far.
  8. Owen

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    Battles 1941

    On 1st January 1941, the Western Desert Force was renamed 13 Corps and the newly named Corps began the year by moving 7th Armoured upto block the coast road west of Bardia. To help with the cold of the desert 11,500 sleeveless jackets were rushed up the desert, as the weather at the time consisted of heavy rain, icy winds with sleet, fog and was very cold. On 3rd January the town was attacked by 6th Australian Division, supported by twenty-two Matilda tanks of 7th RTR. Over the previous nights the RAF had bombed the port while HMS Terror and Aphis had bombarded it from the sea, 4th Armoured Brigade supported by Combeforce patrolled the Western perimeter, while the Eastern Sector to Sollum was controlled by 7th Armoured Brigade.
    The assault was preluded by a 120 gun barrage, mainly on a 800 yard front around Sidi Azeiz to the west and a feint attack from the south. At sea three Battleships and four Destroyers of the Royal Navy pounded the area to the north of Bardia. The town fell 2 days later, with the Australians fighting superbly, with excellent support from 7th RTR. To the north 6th RTR had also made an attack and one tank commander found himself in charge of 1,500 prisoners. In total 45,000 Italians were taken prisoner, with the loss of 130 Australians killed and 326 wounded. While the prisoners were counted 7th Armoured moved again to carry out a similar blocking action to isolate Tobruk, while with the loss of the Bardia and the garrison captured, along with all the guns, General Bergonzoli (who had escaped from Bardia on foot) regrouped at Tobruk.
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    Welcome. Maybe you find this video interesting. All Matildas in the video belonged 7th Royal Tank Regiment, it was only unit equipped with these tanks at that time in Africa.

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    A Matilda tank of the 7th Royal Tank Regiment in the Western Desert, 19 December 1940.
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    Just looked on the roll of honour website and found him with this number 7886230 can anyone tell me what this number is? thank you so much for all the information!
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    It's his Army Number.
    Every soldier had a different one.
    It also shows what regiment he originally enlisted in.
    Block of numbers for the RTR was
    Royal Tank Regiment 7868001 to 7891868
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    Redwolf blue
    These threads can wander around a bit but essentially your question has been answered by Owen's decription of the assault on Bardia on 3rd January '41- with minor variataions such as the fact that 7th RTR was with the Corps troops - the newly formed XIII corps as the "heavy" mob to the 4th and 7th armoured bdes lighter Cruiser Tanks - the 4th with 7th Hussars - 2RTR - 6th RTR - the 7th Armoured were of 3rd Hussars- 8th Hussars and 1st RTR.

    The 4th did a wide sweep or left hook around Bardia to cut the highway to Tobruk whereas the 7th held fast near Sollum to prevent escape to the East and finally joining with 4th Bde and cutting off any escape to the West - the 7th RTR then came in to finish off the attack by the 6th Aussies including the 16th - 17th and 19th Infantry Brigades.

    The Matilda was probably the best Tank we had in the desert at that time - until the Grant showed up - but as always - undergunned with the 2 pounder and thus were at a tatl diadvantage when Rommel showed up with his PZmk3 and 4's

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