Introduction/Obsoletion of Equipment--Searching for List of Changes

Discussion in 'Vehicle Names and Census Numbers' started by TTH, Jul 6, 2012.

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    As some of you may know, I am obsessed with odd items of British WWII weaponry. I am trying to learn when certain weapons were officially introduced (if they ever were) and when they were declared obsolete. The best source for such information, of course, is the List of Changes in British War Material. A few volumes of this series have been published (the ever-helpful Ian Skennerton has done some, I think), but since I am poor (want to see my tax return?) I am trying to learn if any of the 1914-1945 lists are available in pdf or any other online format. Let me know if you know, thanks.
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    I just thought I would bump this thread again. If the LOC is unavailable, I would be grateful for any other sources for the introduction and withdraw of British equipment in the WWII period, which for me runs between 1935 and 1949. This would include Commonwealth/Dominion and RN and RAF as well as the army. I am interested in tanks, guns, and aircraft as well as small arms. Thanks to anyone who can help.

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