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    I’ve just pointed a GWF member towards RHQ WG for a WW1 service record and he posted the following (edited to exclude WW1 comments)

    “Just called WG RHQ, they no longer hold the records, they've all been sent to APC Glasgow.

    So phoned APC a very helpful chap, they always are, informed me that they do have them, Welsh and Irish Guards service records, as of August last year.

    He did say what should have happened, the WW1 records should have gone to the NA and post WW1 records to them, but they ended up with them all.

    So they are dealing with them now.

    Hope this helps others.”

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    Do they also have the WW2 records for CG, GG and SG?
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    Hi Andy,

    I’m sure that MOD would’ve told the enquirer if all Foot Guards files had been transferred

    IMHO I expect IG & WG took the decision to move their files as they have only got 100 years or so of files and were only 1 Battalion strong for most of that time (except wartime) so it’s probably no longer viable on cost grounds, in view of MOD cutbacks, to maintain the previous archive service.

    As the other regiments have been existence since 17th Century their Archives will be enormous in comparison so they have no reason, as yet, to lose control of their Regimental service file archive.

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    Nice to see that you’ve listed the Regiments in the correct order of precedence Andy:)

    Nulli Secundus
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  6. Owen

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    Oh no he didn't
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    Isn’t it GG, CG, SG, IG, WG
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    Hence my use of the Latin CG motto........
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    I knew what you were getting at. Wasn't going to let you get away with it. As my Great-Uncle was a Grenadier in WW1. :)
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    How does that old story go?

    CG HQ sets up with a sign and its motto. The HQ next to it puts "None" on its sign.
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