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    Dear Freddie, no pension, but inherited a 1940 Blue Jacket Manual, a Full WWII (U.S.S. Randolph) Sailors uniform, have the Original out-of print Ernie Pyle Autobiography, numerous films of Bombers & soldiers, a Japanese Kokura Arsenal 15.5" Bayonet sword & sheath: (brand like curled snake, followed by serial # 94020, below wood riveted handle. Best quality sword, also have Karl Eickhorn (Bayonets & daggers, most w/ sheaths, some with tired frogs. My Favorite is a HAND-SIGNED book (1898) by Colonel J. Joyce..'Jewels of memory', inscribed to a General Hazen (Civil War Commanders noted per chapter). Few Films, but huge WW2 planes. even have a civil war cannon ball. I'm barely subsisting on on disability, spent 35% of funds last week due to critically ill pet. Vet was paid w/ funds saved over months to visit my siblings in NYC, haven't seen them in at least a decade. Oh, also have Carl Eickhorn Bayonets, an Andular bone handle curved knife w/lots of silver adornment, & Eickhorn Bayonets.

    Would you have Any Idea how much these items are worth (though Col. James Joyce post civil war original) is a FASCINATING read.Each chapter features the commanding officers, e.g. Sherman, etal.

    Any idea what one or some of these vintage items are worth? Also have 2 'Tomcat' patched, and a 2 or 3 striped dark blue badge, likely from a soldiers uniform.

    Though only about 5 or six slides, the plane & its specs (WW2 Bomber?), & soldiers are here.
    I'd like an approximate value (11 Bayonet or set). I hate to sell these, but i am in a very tight financial situation.

    Elizabeth Sheppard

    p.s. first time in decades, i'll get to travel (via bus) to NYC, and see my biological siblings....sigh. I paid all the funds i saved 4 the pet, and though less than 2 years old - Vet thinks her disease (has ALL shots/fixed) is Chronic...i'm skipping all but my epilepsy meds-can't afford more!

    Know any interested parties (?); and if so - they would need to drive to where i reside, or i can meet them somewhere. I also don't know how to take photos and transfer them correctly to my desktop. sigh, again.
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