IWM Duxford Hotel Given Green Light

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    The hotel will be a 6 storey, 168 room Hilton and it will look completely out of place and no doubt it will be expensive as well. I get the feeling that Duxford is going the way of other IWM locations and are starting to lose sight of their reason for being. With Flying Legends having moved on it has lost at least one chance to be full and even if it is built with one eye towards Cambridge, there are more hotels springing up in that city that can cater for businesses.

    Six-storey hotel with rooftop terrace at IWM Duxford approved
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    I've never been to IWM Duxford, but know other public institutions seek alternative, long-term independent sources of income by allowing such building projects. Using your assets, in this case I expect it is the land upon which the hotel will be built and operated by the Hilton hotels group - so giving IWM an income.
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    The hotel chain seem to be very hesitant in being open and clear about the nature of the financial payments which never tends to be a good sign.

    The museum turned down the chance to obtain a Horsa glider, Flying Legends gone, rumours of the closing of the Land Warfare Hall and now the hotel. What does the future hold - a stop to all flying at some point?
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    The locals need to look at RAF Northolt when the site which is about the same size was "is it staying is it going"
    now staying but if it had gone there would have been thousands of modern day slums built clogging up the aircraft moaners roads

    so choice is a bit of traffic for anoraks and a bit of noise of aircraft or thousands of homes taking your rural idyll into a rural piddle
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