James E Linehan, MIA 1942 Wellington X3757

Discussion in 'The War In The Air' started by Nicola_G, Jun 15, 2010.

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    I visited my cousin in January and she has a beautiful drawing of my uncle which I'd never seen before. The signature is in handwritten cyrillic and is dated 1944, 2 years after my uncle disappeared. It seems that the artist was of Russian origin.

    This is what I've been told:
    One of the benefits of working in Poland is that I'm surrounded by Russian speakers. My friends here tell me that the signature on the painting is in the Cyrillic alphabet (and the associated dating convention would indicate that it was signed on 9 December 1944), and reads 'Wladimir Chudovishchny (note that the exact spelling of the surname can change depending upon interpretation). The surname translates as 'monstrous'.

    Intriguingly, the painting seems (I think) to have been copied from a very early photograph of James, taken when he was an cadet undergoing flying training - I think that is what the white flash on his forage cap (a.k.a. chip bag) denotes.

    How that relates to my uncle is unclear at the moment

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    I visited my cousin and her partner in January and they checked through my files as well. He used to work in the Wilhelmshaven area dredging the mud channels etc. Having replotted all my information, they agree with my belief that Wellington x3757 possibly crashed in the Roter Sands in Wilhelmshaven harbour, not Vlieland. He is checking any files that he can for us.
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    Hello Nicola,
    I noted from an earlier post that you had contacted the RBL at Chipping Norton. Did anyone get back to you? If not I apologise as I had a problem with the contact e-mail for the web site and changed it. I have only just picked this up whilst updating our page on those who lost there lives in the Second World War. I will ask our members if anyone remembers Norman.
    Best wishes
    Steve Kingsford, branch vice-chairman; stevekingsford@gmail.com
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    Thanks Steve, yes someone did get back to me in the end, but I'd already solved the problem.

    i've been continuing the search and recently received some interesting files from the Bundesarchiv. I don't want to say too much at this stage, but just to say the info is VERY exiting! I'm now also in contact with Uwe Benkel a wreck recovery guy, who has helped several people find their relatives' planes. He is putting me in contact with someone near 'my' area so hopefully I will hear something soon.

    I'm so excited! :biggrin:
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    I received some very interesting information yesterday and photos. And made contact with some one who has family in the area I'm investigating. I'm very excited as one of the photos definitely showed a Wellington.
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    It's been a while since I've posted on this thread about my search. It is still ongoing and I've made contact with 2 wreck recovery groups in Germany in the area I'm searching in, so I'm making progress.

    On a slightly different track, I've just received a photo from the pilot's family showing their uncle, Bill Morse and what is possibly the rest of the crew of x3757 in front of a Wellington Mk3. It's unfortunately not x3757, but there seems to be the number T25... near the wing, I can't see all the numbers at the moment. Are there any Wellington experts whom can identify a possible id for this plane with that info?

    Thanks :D
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    Hi Nicola, I know that this is really not anything to do with your request, but thought it may be of interest...
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