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    Maybe tie the back end to a tree?

    Although a friend of mine tried that with a US army wrecker in Germany in the eighties and pulled the tree down on both the wrecker and the radio van they were trying to pull out of the mud. :)
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    c.23:45 here.
    Dangerous game, tying stuff to other stuff. Quite the bumper to wreck like that...

    (Yes. I watch lots of vijeos about things being dragged from holes. What of it!?)
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    My father reported that, while in Northern Ireland with his Recce Regt, one of his Humber Armoured cars got stuck in a muddy area. Scammell called out, but found no trees, or anything else solid to hook itself to, except a small bridge. You guessed it; car stayed put, but bridge came out!
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    170317-bette-davis-10-1024x1024.jpg This was a surprise, jeep owner Bette Davis and husband William Grant Sherry, California 1947
    © Loomis Dean The LIFE Picture Collection/Shutterstock
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    I'm a little worried that I first noticed this is a post war CJ-2 and not actress Gloria Grahame. MBs didn't have keys

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    Dave55 Atlanta, USA

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    No Jeep (sorry) but the same shell

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    Jeeps in Italy Photos Courtesy Shepherd Family DCLS Collection.

    After Anzio Breakout.
    There must be a reason for the Jeep to be on one side of the photo can anyone see what might be centre background over the horizon.

    DCLS Jeep Probably taken in Rome.

    East of Florence.
    The Regt were in Settignanno East of Florence late August 1944. The photo must have been taken about this time.
    On 2nd Sept they sent out a Recce party in two Jeeps to find a new location for the guns within range of the 6th Gordons.
    At La Pietra just off the main road to Bologna, the Survey Jeep struck a nest of Teller Mines.
    This is not that Jeep, it is being driven by Bdr Cleaver with Bdr Mac Mc Lean in the back. Part of Major Shepherds OP Team before the incident.
    Maj Shepherd MC probably took the photo in happier times, which was found in his briefcase after the war.

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