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    Hi Hebridean, Please forgive me you have 700 pages of the stuff. Can I help in anyway?. I am getting a little close to my best used by date. Still trying to find my uncle Private Edmund Kenneth Buck went to India on the Oronsay, then transhipped to Duchess of Athol, she broke down, returned to Durban SA embarked on the Andes for Bombay and Saugor. He was a Private in 13th Kings Own, Liverpool Rifles. He made it back Liverpool no wounds or hospitals according to steve and Simon. His wife had done the dirty on him
    and taken off.Marjorie was her name,my Mums Sister.Our family were Shattered. mum,her other sisters and husbands saw him. But i never did. He went to live in London were hids Mum Lived and Married again. They had a son.. Can't say any more. Hope I can be of some help. Best Regards Ken B
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    Hi Ken
    Do you know the details of Edmund post WW2? - i.e who he married in London etc?? - do you want to is another question I guess

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    Hi Ken

    Bit confused - had a comment on my profile page from you re Thomas Edward Lunt - and when did he arrive back in UK, maybe need to start a new thread for him, there was 1 possible

    Name: Thomas E Lunt
    Birth Date: abt 1889
    Age: 36
    Port of Departure: Quebec, Canada
    Arrival date: 18 Nov 1925
    Port of Arrival: Southampton, England
    Ship Name: Empress of France
    Search Ship Database: Search for the Empress of France in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database
    Shipping line: Canadian Pacific Line
    Official Number: 136266

    If thats him and you need more details let me know
  4. Hebridean Chindit

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    Re 700 pages (111 IID) of material, Ken B... not needing specific help with the files thanks, but won't be of use to you as it is generic... ie not much in the way of names, more like an overview... a n other Kenny... :D
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    In all reverence Hebridean Chindit. I was a Student Graduate in Renfrew Scotland For 2 1/2 years. Don't think genealogy was of any interest to us working class in those days.Met the most beautiful of a Scots girl,would like to go out with her. Answer was, she would like to go out with me, but no romance. As she had a fiancee at University in Edinburgh. Kissed her on the cheek at least twice. Left Scotland July 1953 and went to sea. I know she married her Fiancee 1958. Never invited inside her home, had to only leave her at the end of her street. Her dad didn't like Englishmen especially Liverpudlians. I can remember she said, "Liverpoolians". Well 2008 started to look into my family tree. My nana on dads side was a Sinclair of Unst Inverness. My dads side were Daniel "Ferguson" Berry from Gourock Glasgow an Ironshipbuilder of some repute. Funnily enough my arrival at Glasgow Central in 1951 I felt as I knew the land i had arrived in. A huge Sgt of Police " Obviously an ex RSM of The Scots Guard" asked me. " who i was and where was i Going to, to do what. Met him again a couple of time and he was an ex RSM of the Scots Guards. When Billy Connoly came along on TV. I reckoned the Sergeant had been Billy Connolys elocution teacher. Never knew one could get so many F*&% in one sentence. Apologies for rambling on. What i really want to say is your Quote is i understand what you mean smile "biggrin", but i would love to see " Big Yin". Ya nae can na tel how it would na go" We'd be lost without you and the rest of your clan of administrators. Very Best Regards Ken Berry.
    ps My wife's name was Greer originally MacGregor. 5th generation NZ'er. Family immigrated from Scotland via Liverpool. Lineage goes back to King Alpin and Pope Gregory IV th 769. g/uncle 63? times removed was Robert the Bruce who life was saved after a Boar attacked his horse, Which threw him. Then the Boar went for R the B. Another cousin pulled a young Oak tree sapling out of the ground and beat ???? out of the Boar. Big Grin this time his name was Peter the Perfect MMMMmmmm. Night Night and God Bless
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  6. Hebridean Chindit

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    1700's is as far as we get, other than surnames, and a rebelious Appin streak that resulted in a re-location in 1746... :D
    My mum's dad ended his working days at Brown's as a ship's carpenter... passed in '63...
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    Hi TD
    Just want to make sure non of the Ancestry documents for Edmund Kenneth Buck and his 1959 wife to be Vilma Dolores Woodhouse had arrived. They according to my screen detailed Sent. my left hand may have clipped a key. I had your PM email address when you were down in the South Atlantic.Its not on my computer only in an address book. Haven't found out how Alfred Edward Berry got From South Africa to England. Hospital When he arrived and 1921 - 1922 in Hospital for more Operations. best regards ken B.
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    can you explain this statement - in light that I have never been in the South Atlantic

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    Tricky Dicky;
    Hi, I am having a few problems sending a copy of the Birth Marriage and Death certificates I have printed off ancestry au. Genealogy site. They have sold the site to a new company. They really are having problems. Actually TD there is an email #289 this page 15. It was to Hugh Wood and gives some of Ken Bucks details when he married Vilma Dolores Woodhouse in 1959. I also found the son was a member of MY Heritage. Francisco J F Buck born 1965. Have sent and email to My Heritage and the son again,but no reply from either. I am stunned by the lack of knowledge in general of people my age +/- 5 years my age. The Chindits they have heard the name but the lack of any real knowledge is stunning. Any other things just ask please. Best Regards Ken B
  10. Kenneth Berry

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    Hi Steve, I am trying to send 2 photos to you Fred McAdam of Liverpool,the 2nd photo is of Fred as well but also from Liverpool I imagine
    his mate. I am waiting for his name. Going to post hope they stay together


    29542998_290756668124204_5010177661279977058_n.jpg unnamed.jpg

    unnamed.jpg unnamed.jpg unnamed.jpg

  11. bamboo43

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    Thank you Ken, lovely photos, I have them safe and sound.

  12. High Wood

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    I am getting more and more confused by the direction this thread is taking. The two soldiers in post 316 appear to be Fusiliers and not members of the King's Regiment (Liverpool). Judging from the background of the photograph It would appear to have been taken somewhere like Egypt or Malta.
  13. Kenneth Berry

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    Hi, The Poona came from Fred McAdam's sister and 2 brothers. Have sent another email of to try and clarify. I am staggered by the number of people who nothing at all about the Chindits and also the number of my generation at 85 plus never heard of the word. I can remember the Echo and Express during the war. there was next to nothing in either paper a week or two before VE day And after VE day it was 6 weeks about i think the wording that appeared was the tide has turned in Burma. The troops that the Japs lost to Banzai Charges was Horrendous. You will know more than i do High Wood if they had got even 2/3 of their troops out if they had any ships left would have done a lot more damage to the the Americans if they had had the logistic and Utilities. Will let you know asap when i get an answer from the people.Best Regards Ken B
  14. lionboxer

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    They look to be wearing an Irish caubeen (hat). Maybe Inniskilling Fusiliers?
  15. Kenneth Berry

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    Hi Lionboxer, The lady who sent the photos had asked her brothers and their brother had told them he was in Poona with his mate. I am hoping for an email ASAP. I am still more than staggered the number of people who haven't a clue about the Burma Campaign. Will let you know as soon as i get an answer. Best Regards Ken B.
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    My Brother in law Married to my wifes sister Worked at John Browns As did his brother and father.. There is no doubt in my mind they were the top builders in the UK. While in Renfrew B & W. I worked on 7 Ships all Big Tankers. Non from John Browns. Cammell Lairds Liverpool, ??? Sunderland, ??? Newcastle sorry Senior Moment. They all came up to Gourock for their Delivery trials and the measured Mile. Usually only 2-3 days to find faults and repair as there was always a penalty for non delivery on specified date.Great Scot tradesman but to old fort getting into Steam Drums and crawling into pretty small and bloody hot areas. But what knowledge. He made me an honorable Scot one new years Eve.That was before i found out my Scots Relations. Best Regards Ken B
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    Hi High Wood, Just noticed Steve has a note in my letter showing the Photos of Fred Thomson and Mate. He was Operation Longcloth. He died in Liverpool by the looks of it about a year ago. Regards Ken B
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    Sorry Steve. I managed to get that German guy who wrote quite a bit about the Chindits. I found his web site and after a struggle got it translated. Looks like they are not easy to send in email form. They are well written. there were 94 different actions. If i can stil print them again shall I send them snail mail. I managed to get the library here in Haswell to purchase:- BURMA VICTORY Imphal, Kohima and the Chuindit Issue. March 1944 to May 1945 by David Rooney Arms & Armour Press.
    Slim and Stilwell had a few problems ith some of the Pukka Sahib Leader. Have you read it. Best Regards Ken B.
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    Did you mean member 'Bamboo'

    I guess it would be better to sent to him as a Conversation - open up your profile and check for the word then send him a 'conversation'

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    Hi TD, Thanks for your email. I'm not sure what you want me to do. I did fill in my profile a couple of hours ago but wasn't sure what to put in for (url) rang a couple but they didn't know either. Sent it but never arrived, can you help with what i should put in for url. Must be senior moment again. Best Regards. Ken B

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