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    I came across the attached record, referring to the death of a distant cousin in Libya in 1942. It was in the Croydon, Surrey Roll of Honour.

    I wondered how frequent this type of event was.

    Any opinions most welcome.



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    There was a constant risk to men recently taken POW in a forward battle area that they could be killed by friendly fire before they were evacuated to the rear.

    The risk of death or suffering serious harm didn’t end there. Several POW ships were sunk and many POW killed by allied submarines as they crossed the Mediterranean to Italy & Greece 1941/42.

    Men in POW Camps in “Greater Germany” were killed by misdirected bombs from allied bombing raids and those that were marched westwards during the harsh winter and into the spring of 1945 were subject to friendly fire strafing attacks. There is a lengthy topic on the forum created by vitellino about the friendly fire deaths of POW en route to Germany when their train was bombed by USAAF in 1944.

    Being taken POW in any theatre of war was not without its risk.The list of atrocities suffered by British & Empire troops in the Far East is lengthy.

    During WW1 British POW taken on the western front towards the end of the war were retained in the battle area and used as Labour - contrary to the Geneva Convention - and many were killed by friendly fire.

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    The only CWGC entry I can find is this:
    SECOND LIEUTENANT, RICHARD DOUGLAS HINTON, Service Number: 190615, Date of death given as 27/5/42.

    Casualty Details | CWGC

    From the Casualty lists there are corresponding entries:

    190615 HINTON, 2nd Lt, RD, 3 Cnty of Lond Yeo
    List No. 855 dated 20 June 1942 - Reported missing, Western Desert, 27/5/42,
    List No. 1140 dated 21 May 1943 - Previously reported missing now reported killed in action, on or shortly after 27/5/42.

    These lists also show those taken POW or may have been taken POW but this man does not show up.

    Emergency commission from London Gazette:
    Page 3663 | Supplement 35202, 24 June 1941 | London...
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    Thanks for these comments - very helpful.


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