Kings Regulation (Army) Lookups 1912/1935/1940

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    Had another check at the 1940 but nothing (on 383 or 385) - I was thinking February 1940 they may still have been using the 1935 edition so checked that it has the below for 383 xvi b - does it fit in with what you are expecting? is the note on something relating to a discharge

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    Dear AB64

    Brilliant spot on, he was discharged around this time. As unfit, He originally served in 1920's in the RGA but left to go abroad. So he may have tried to enlist in WW2.
    Many Many Thanks.
    Great spot.
  3. John(txic)

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    Any luck with this one, please? Found on a medal roll for Pte 27630 Fred Beddall. "KR 1912 CRV 368/B"


  4. AB64

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    Not sure on this one, I don't know what the CRV bit is but below is para 368, it doesnt have a /B which again makes me wonder if it is the relevant info

  5. John(txic)

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    Here's the extract from the Medal Roll, AB - in case it makes more sense in context.

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