L/X 19413A Petty Officer Samual Frederick BOOTH, Mentioned In Despatches

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    Hi I have a VM and BWM for the below gent in WW1 but it appears he fought in WW2 and gained a MID And wondered if anybody could assist with more info please? I have a copy attached of the Hull Daily Mail (BNA) which gives some information but wondered if any official paperwork survived.

    Samual Frederick Booth
    Petty Officer
    L/X 19413A

    British NewspaperArchives
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    So far all I found was his Patrol record……mentions the award on page 2
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    Temujin thank you so much
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    Ordinary Telegraphist Frank Pullen, D/JX 236959 MTB 313
    Leicester Chronicle 8th January 1944
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    Leading Seaman George Frederick Jennings, Royal Navy Mentioned in Despatches
    Leicester Chronicle 8th April 1944

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    London Gazette 20 February 1945 - the citation which applies to multiple seamen.

    CPO Samuel Frederick Booth was awarded a Mention in Despatches For courage, determination and skill in H.M. Ships Odyssey, Cato, Chamois, Catherine and Jude, and H.M.C.S. Alberni and in Light Craft during the landing of Allied Forces in Normandy:

    I can tell you that his award was for service on HMS JUDE.

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