Lancaster ND819 W/O J.A.Porter crew

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    Who can help me to put me in touch with the families of W/O J.A.Porter, F/Sgt P.Tweedy DFM, Sgt E.J.Rowlands, F/Sgt M.B.Rumbles, F/Sgt L.J.Making, F/Sgt A.A.Jepson RCAF and W/O G.A.D.Mould???

    This crew took off for a raid on targets at Duisburg in the night 21/22 May 1944 when it was shotdown by a German nightfighter. The aircraft Lancaster ND819 crashed in flames near the town Luijksgestel just near the Dutch/Belgian border. Pilot J.A.Porter and FE P.Tweedy survid the crash but became a POW. The other five saw no chance to bale out and perished.

    It is my intention to put a memorial near the crashsite to keep this crew alive!!!

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    F/S Philip Tweedy DFM - 635 Sqn Lancaster III ND819 F2-M Op. Duisburg T/o 2249, 21-22 May 1944 Downham Market - Crashed at Luyksgestel (Noord-Brabant, Holland) near the Dutch border 12 km SW of Valkenswaard. (Per W R Chorley: F/S Tweedy had served with 76 Squadron, details of his DFM having been published on 14 September 1943, he had flown with Norwegian, Lt E. Sandberg. The following on the aircraft were: Sgt E J Rowlands RAF (KIA),(he rests in Nederweert War Cemetery; F/S M B Rumbles RAF (KIA); F/S L J Making RAF (KIA); F/S A A Jepson RCAF (KIA),(these three buried at Eindhoven General Cemetery Holland); W/O G A D Mould (commemorated on panel 214 Runnymede Memorial). W/O J A Porter, RAF, initially evaded until captured 16 Jun 44 and interned in Camp L7, PoW No.278.

    Colonel Victor Neels Secret Army - Knox Family Chronicles Knoxetal
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    985105 Sergeant Philip TWEEDY, died on the 13th March 2005.

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    Hi Englandphil,

    Firstly Many Thanks for your contribution . I was't aware that Philip Tweedy died on 13th March 2005. May he rest in peace!!

    Looking forward to anyone who is a relative of the ND819 crew.

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    Just a suggestion, more info up front couldn't hurt -

    W/O J.A. Porter - initially evaded until captured 16 Jun 44

    985105 F/Sgt P. Tweedy DFM - evaded, survived war & passed away in 2005

    1515893 Sgt Ernest Jones Rowlands - Son of Jennie Dawson Rowlands, of Crosland Moor, Huddersfield.

    1393799 F/Sgt Marshall Brian Rumbles - Son of Marshall Thomas Rumbles and Millicent Grace Rumbles, of New Barnet, Hertfordshire

    1575592 F/Sgt Lewis John Making - Son of Lewis and Elsie May Making, of Lower Quinton, Warwickshire

    R/167555 F/Sgt Alan Arthur Jepson RCAF - Son of Arthur and Doris Jepson, of Atwater, Saskatchewan

    1382104 W/O Geoffrey Arthur Douglas Mould - Son of Arthur Alexander Mould and Alice Mould, of Woodford Bridge, Essex
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    Many Thanks DaveB for your contribution. I have all these info already out of the British War grave register from the CWGC ; ^ )

    Can someone help me with the ORB''s of 635 Sqdn??

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    Hi Adrian,
    I think I just sent you a message, but not on this thread. mid be keen to hear from you. My uncle is/ would have been Marshall Brian Rumbles.
    Best regards
    Dave Rumbles
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    Dear Dave, Just checking in and check my emails on several threads. Please email me at
    replace AT for @ please. Looking forward to hear from you soon and very sorry for my late reply.
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    Hi Dave, Send you a PM. Looking forward to hear from you,
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    if you need help with German authorities for a memorial, let me know where you like to put it, so that I can assist you with contact details and willingness of the locals to co-operate
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    German authorities for a memorial???? ND819 crashed near Luijksgestel close to the Belgian Border.
    Many Thanks anyway for your help anyway.


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