Litvyak | Official Teaser Trailer | forthcoming movie about fighter ace Lydia Litvyak

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    Dear friends,

    We are the people behind Panfilov's 28, a crowdfunded movie, released in 2016, about twenty-eight Soviet soldiers during World War II. Filmed and produced with nothing but pure desire, stubbornness, and faith of many people in us and our project. A strong united effort of thousands of people made us unstoppable against all the odds. As a result, we created a movie about real heroes, which we so deeply wanted, and which now will always be with us. That was the goal, it has been achieved, and we all have the right to be proud of it.

    Now we are working on our forthcoming movie "Litvyak" about the legendary Soviet fighter ace Lydia Litvyak, flight commander of the 3rd Aviation Squadron and a true hero of the Soviet Union. Between 1941 and 1943, she fought on the Stalingrad and Southern Fronts during World War II against the invading Nazis and eliminated 16 of them in the air to air combat.

    Last week we released the first teaser on our YouTube channel. The making of the teaser required a lot of hard work and effort and acts as an integral part of the preparation for shooting the movie. It should give you a first impression of the eventual movie, as well as our approach and our vision of story-telling.

    We would want to invite you all to participate in the crowdfunding campaign, as we need support to make this happen. Visit our Patreon page and join us on this journey!

    Feel free to ask us anything you want about the movie and share your ideas and/or suggestions. We might end up implementing them:sailor:
    Also be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram for additional info, shots from the set and much more.

    :plane:Every "Litvyak" backer will get Exclusive Access to behind the scenes footage and will get their name in the movie's end credits along with the cast and crew!:plane:

    Thank you all so much.
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