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    My wife`s grandfather, John Erwin Law was form the Royal Durban Light Infantry. He was captured in Tobruk during WWII, and taken to Germany as a POW. I am looking to find which POW camp he was held in? Are there records available for South African POW's?
    Thank you.
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    Hi, do you have any other information - soldier number etc? I show a couple J. Law's in the POW lists -




    Gordon Highlanders




    East Yorkshire Regiment




    South Staffordshire Regiment

    And a couple E. Law's




    Royal Army Service Corps




    Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment

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    Think this might be the one you are looking for


    UK, British Prisoners of War, 1939-1945
    about J E Law
    Name: J E Law Rank: W.O.2 Army Number: 6999 POW Number: 30993 Camp Type: Stalag Camp Number: 8B Camp Location: Teschen, Czech Republic Section: South African Land Forces : Officers and Other Ranks

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    I have also found that there could be confusion with Stalag 'place names' in this instance ..........

    From -http://www.lamsdorf.com/history.html
    Timetable of name changes:

    Early in War: Stalag VIIIB established at Lamsdorf, near Opole.
    May 1941: Stalag VIIID established at Teschen.
    September 1942: Stalag VIIIB and Stalag VIIID combined; VIIID was called Stalag VIIIB Zweilager Teschen and Lamsdorf remained VIIIB.
    End December 1943: Stalag VIIIB Lamsdorf and VIIIB Zweilager Teschen separated. The stalag at Teschen became Stalag VIIIB and Lamsdorf became Stalag 344.
    January 1945: Both evacuated on the “death march” to the west, through the winter of 1945, ahead of the Russian advance.

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    Hi Steven,

    I think Tricky Dicky has your man. He also appears in file WO392/21, the 1943 ledger for POW's held by the Italian's. See attachments. He is stated as being held in camp 65, which is Gravina. There has been some recent discussion about this camp on the forum.

    Others may still be along with more accurate help for you.

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