1. SDP

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    Ah, brilliant! Thanks. At least I now know its nothing to do with my new phone etc.
  2. Cee

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    I have now become one of those suffering from log-in wonkiness. No idea how to work around that but if you should not hear from me when necessary that could be the cause.

    To add: I'm on a Mac using Firefox which handles PWs and log-ins normally without issue, except here for some unknown reason ...?

    Later: Noticed that I can only log in on Home/Forum but if I move to Recent Posts I'm shown logged out. So must get to wherever I wish to post by moving from Home and avoiding Recent Posts, if that makes any sense. Highly inconvenient and hopefully only a momentary glitch. The same problem is also occurring in Safari which I never use for browsing.

    Regards ...
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  3. Red Goblin

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    Gotcha !?
    • Usernames have become case-sensitive
    • I used to get away with "red goblin"
    • But just mousing over a red flag would lately KO me w/o reason
    • But now "Red Goblin" seems to have fixed that idiocy
    • Passwords logically need to remain case-sensitive
    • Cache automatically cleared between sessions
    • Cookies similarly self-destruct c/o a browser extension
    Sorry about long list - for the sake of clarity - and let's hope it helps nail this unbridled server security madness !

    ... Wot, no solution feedback ?
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  4. Red Goblin

    Red Goblin Senior Member

    Talking of which, it was my Pale Moon PW list which drew my case anomaly to my attention just as I was beginning to wonder about such things.

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