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    Hi John,

    Thomas Edward Harte, solicitor, was listed as a director of Geoffrey Bishop Ltd (Incorporation Date: 14 May 1957).

    Date of Birth: May 1921. Appointed: 17 Nov 1993. Resigned: 29 Sep 2010.

    From the Daily Telegraph:

    Ted, on March 5th 2011 at Eastbourne Hospital, aged 89. Husband of the late Wendy, darling father of Jenny, Sunniva, Fiona and Anne, proud grandfather and great grandfather. Late 23rd Hussars (MID), respected solicitor, he will be greatly missed.
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    Scott - here's a B Squadron photo, not very detailed unfortunately. I'll try to get a better one.

    I can only repeat what I've posted before - Frank Greenwood was in HQ Squadron.

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    JohnBrunt is mentioned in the B Sqdn. Journal. 10 Windermere Dtreet Liverpool Regards Heinz Johannsen Rendsburg Germany 0049 4331 448855
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    Good Morning from germany.. I have some Photos of the Husum time, and Im very interested in any other Photos of Schleswig Holstein , any chance of exchanging ?? best regards Heinz Johannsen 0049 4331 448855
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    I’ve started to research my family tree and in particular the details of my great uncle who served and died in the war. He was with the 23rd Hussars, in ‘A’ squadron. The details on this forum thread have been very informative and I wonder if the expert knowledge out there could add any further details.
    My great uncle was Sargent Ernest Oldham (already mentioned on page 2 of the thread!), he was injured on 15th August 1944 and later died on 22nd August 1944. I’d be very interested to see any photos or hear about news of the regiment at that time.

    I have a copy of his casualty card and while I understand some of the acronyms (WIA, NWE), others are a mystery. Is anyone able to help with the meaning of the following
    ‘BNT’ – listed as ‘source of information’ but what does BNT stand for?
    ‘PRW on SI, Trans to DI List’ – I hope I have read the handwriting correctly on the card, this is in the present location and nature of casualty section on the card!

    Thanks in advance
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    23h bovington (2).jpg 23h Bovington3.jpg
    Its only taken a year !! but hopefully I can scan some of Dads pictures in now.
    Y platoon RAC Bovington September 1943 with signatures on back.
    If these come out I will scan some more & post them.
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    I have recently received a new picture from my mother showing my grandad with his unit. I am not sure where it was taken. army photo.jpg
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    Alright folks, has anybody got any 'B' squadron photos? Seems to be plenty of 'A' and 'C' knocking about but not many of my Great Grandad's lot!

    Sad to see Grimmy is no longer a member, bloke really knew his stuff.
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    Hi Vinny,

    I have obtained a small archive of your grandfather and his brother. It includes two copies of the book, and a signed photo of him being decorated by Montgomery.

    I have uploaded the pictures here, on page 4 & 5.

    Blackwatch Chindit Collection by paul_hermitage

    Kindest Regards

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    I just found these photographs and wanted to share with your forum. This is my grandfather Albert John Youell who is sadly no longer with us. He didn't like to talk about his time during the war which I can now understand, so thank you for sharing these amazing stories on here! (apologies for them being sideways it is how they were uploaded by the forum). From memory he told me of leaving his post as tank driver to rescue a high ranking officer who had been wounded but unfortunately I have not much else to add in this area.


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    Hi Spencer,
    I've fixed them for you. Welcome to the forum.
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    Hi Spencer. Welcome to the Forum.

    Any idea when and where that photo was taken? Note: although the card mentions 23rd Hussars, he is not wearing a 23rd Hussars Cap Badge on that photo, and hence my question.
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    I wish I knew more on that topic. Any inputs you can provide in terms of the cap badge it would be appreciated. I have added another picture here that might be helpful as well.

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    That second photo is interesting. Clearly 13/18th Hussars - see the shoulder 'slip on' insignia - and the Panda insignia of the 9th Armoured Division. The 9AD was a training/experimental Division formed in, I believe (you need to check that) late 1940 and the 13/18H, as part of 27th Armoured Brigade in the 9AD, left the Divison in about August 1942....so that, sort of, provides a date window for that photo, notably late 1940 to August 1942. Incidentally, the 13/18H did use tanks so his story may well check out.

    The Cap Badge in your initial photo is a bit difficult to make out but it is reminiscent of the Manchester Regiment. Hopefully that's correct.

    To really find out his history you need to get a copy of his Service Records.
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    23H moved to Bridlington on 8 Jun 1943 (from Chippenham). They left Brid on 30/31 Mar 1944 (for Aldershot). (War Diary).

    I have the address list of men in HQ Squadron, there is no-one called Youell. I suspect he transferred elsewhere before 23H went to war. I agree with SDP that the cap badge in the first photo looks like the Manchester Regt.
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    I'm not an expert on uniforms but that first 'Manchester Regiment - if that is what it is ' photo appears to be pre War.....just thinking out loud.

    I strongly suggest you contact the Tank Museum Library at Bovington for a copy of his Royal Armoured Corps Tracer Card: only costs a fiver and is far quicker than applying for his Service Records even though it only contains basic information.

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