Looking for my Uncle.

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    Hi all,
    just filling in some blanks on my family tree and realised no one one in the family has any info on one of my uncles, in fact very little is know about him..this is what the closest family member could tell me..

    Hi Lee Jim never talked about his time in Service All I know is that he loved Motorbikes and when he Joined up not sure what Regiment he became a Dispatch rider and he was at Dunkirk when on the retreat at some point he was Blown off his Bike and was evacuated on board one of ships back home he sustained a bad leg injury resulting in his Bowed leg Bless him. The only time he said anything to me which at the time Marian was surprised he told me Before The Dunkirk evacuation the were coming into a small town which was similar to Morpeth in France I think, and they came under enemy fire and a explosion went off and when firing stopped they composed themselves only to find that when they looked around he saw his mates body lying there with his head blown off. Then that was it. Never mentioned anything ever again.
    i am hoping someone could track his details down with what little info i have please ? namely hid name and date of birth. many many thanks for any forthcoming info


    James Thorburn Morton 17/09/1917.
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  3. lakeslad

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    thought it might of been easier than that,lol,
    thank you
  4. Tony56

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    It's easy really, especially if you are into family history. As advised above you do need his death certificate, did he pass away in 1997? Could this be him?
    Name: James Thorburn Morton
    Death Age: 80
    Birth Date: 20 Sep 1917
    Registration Date: Sep 1997
    Registration district: Newcastle Upon Tyne
    Inferred County: Tyne and Wear
    Register Number: G1C
    District and Subdistrict: 0531G
    Entry Number: 257

    From Probate record he died 17 September 1997.

    If so note his birth is slightly different and you will need to check that out. Although his birth certificate is not needed for the records I would get it anyway to make sure you get it right, but you should be doing that anyway!

    Just to be clear Rothwell is his mother's maiden name, also the actual register does not give his full name:
    Name: James T Morton
    Registration Quarter: Oct-Nov-Dec
    Registration district: Morpeth
    Inferred County: Northumberland
    Mother's Maiden Name: Rothwell
    Volume Number: 10b
    Page Number: 706

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  5. lakeslad

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    yest thats him, and his mothers name was rothwell, ill have to get into contact with who now has his death cert and take it from there.
    thanks for the info.
  6. CL1

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    Lee you can order your own for about £11
  7. wibs12

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    It's easy stuff........ to order death / birth certificates, go to to the GRO website at this link........ if you've not used it before you'll need to register. Go from the GRO 'Home screen' to 'Place an Order' to 'Start Application'..... tick for type of certificate, enter the year and tick to say you know the GRO Index reference..... next page fill in the white boxes using the details Tony56 provided above..... do not fill out the greyed out boxes, pay £11 per certificate and within a week you'll have the certificate(s).

    If that's a faff, pm me and I'll do it for you..... you still need to pay though!

  8. lakeslad

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    thats brilliant thanks for the info, ill get it done.
  9. Tony56

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    Before you send off for his records I would be tempted to clarify his date of birth, is it 17th or 20th - where did you get your date from? DOB is a required field (if you don't have service number) in the application and, presumably, if it is wrong there is a risk it could be rejected. You could always ring first to see what they say, but, if you are doing the family tree, you would want the documentary evidence of the certificate anyway.

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