Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma

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    Hello everyone

    Does anybody have a copy of the Personal Diaries of Admiral the Lord Louis Mountbatten 1943-46. This was during his time in CBI.

    There is a very small piece of information (i'm guessing) inside that I'm after. I'm sure the diaries are fascinating but the nugget of info does not warrant buying the whole book IMHO.

    Just wondered if there are any kind souls on WW2talk that would be able to scan or photocopy the reference that I'm looking for. I will of course renumerate anyone who can help for their troubles.

    I'm happy for people to PM me if that makes it easier.

    Many, many thanks

    Old Bill
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    I have the book what do you need....Jason
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    many thanks - I've PM'd you both.


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    Fascinating... I bought the book (silly money cheap iirc £1?) as part of my completist works for my sphere of research (if I'm going to read about Vinegar Joe spouting off about that "Popinjay", I may as well see what QEII's "uncle" thought in return :D) so it mostly just sits on the shelf with the rest of my research material...

    What OB wanted turns out to be very "Dirth Harry" in detail...

    Sunday 17th December 1944
    At 1030 I attended a demonstration by Lieutenant Colonel Grant Taylor. He is a most extraordinary man, who looks like a rather prosperous country parson, but in fact is probably the greatest British gunman. For 8 years he was the British representative with the FBI and spent most of his time in tracking gunmen in Chicago. He took part in the killing of Dillinger, and is bringing a new technique and enthusiasm to our troops for killing men at ranges from 15 yards and less, with revolver, automatic and sub-machine gun.
    At this demonstration he was passing out a class of officers and men after a five-day intensive course in which they learn to become instructors for their own units. The most impressive item was where the candidate comes into a room, or large dugout, in which there are six of the enemy. Until he enters, he does not know the shape of the room, the number of enemy or where they will be. In this case one was put high up, representing a man coming down stairs, another was lying down horizontal, and four others were gathered in different positions around the room. The soldier has to enter, select a position from which to do his killing, and then kill each man with a slug through vital parts, represented by a target 12 inches by 16 inches in the centre of the human figure. The bull's-eye is an oblong about two inches by three inches long. After opening the door, the soldier has to advance some 8 paces to reach the most convenient position from which to fire.
    A young Gurkha soldier killed all six men, four of them through the bull's-eye, in 6 1/2 seconds from entering the room. The day before a man had done it in 5 1/2 seconds...

    Interesting article... Grant Taylor's responsible for killing Johnny Depp..! ;)
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    Many thanks gentlemen, exactly what I was hoping to find!!

    A great forum with great people

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    Good Morning Everyone

    In the late 1970's there was a BBC series called The Commanders narrated by Frank Gillard. Does anyone know if a DVD set of this series is available?

    Also, I came across an online store http://www.mediaoutlet.com/ wherein I was able to purchase a DVD set of the series hosted by Frederick Forsyth entitled Soldiers: A History of Men in Battle and the series that Lord Louis Mountbatten made of his life entitled The Life and Times of Lord Louis Mountbatten.


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    If you can't find any mention on the main pages of the net (which I could not) then you might find it necessary to contact the BBC to find out if there are any plans to release it, or if the original tapes even exist any more. I am aware that they are going through original recordings and where noteworthy they are transferring them to digital media thereby making them more easily available for use and also preserving them; some get higher priorities than others (read profit here).

    Good luck...
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  10. CL1

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    Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma.
    Horse Guards Parade,London

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    Thanks of posting Clive, wonderful photos. :)
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    good day cl1,m,yesterday.07:03 pm.re:louis mountbatten 1st earl mountbatten of burma. a great post fine photos.regards bernard85
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    was wondering when something like that would show up- he is not by any means loved in Canada for many reasons as depicted…

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    Mountbatten is the personification of the Peter Principle.
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    Here's thinking of you Lord LOOie from the 907 Canadians buried at Dieppe from the fiasco called OP Jubilee.
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    Alanbrooke diaries....A vain, egotisical man...
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    a wild mix of Nepotism coupled with the Peter Principle is hard to beat - Alanbrooke had it right…

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    Late September, 1941, Mountbatten arrived in Hawaii and was given the run of the place. At the end of his visit he gave a talk concerning lessons learned so far by the British and his observations of the USN at Hawaii. Many officers submitted reactions of his ideas. We have uploaded two PDFs that contain what documents we found on this matter.


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