Lt.Col. Cameron M.C. 100 year-old veteran visits 7 Scots Barracks

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    An 100-year-old veteran – the last surviving officer from the Battle of El Alamein – has visited 7 SCOTS barracks.

    Retired Lieutenant Colonel Charlie A Cameron, who served in the Second World War battle that took place in Egypt, made the visit ahead of being interviewed by the SCOTS and Scottish National War museums.

    He was given a short update on 7 SCOTS and met some of the staff at the battalion's headquarters in Perth, Scotland.

    After recovering from battle injuries, he served again with 2nd Battalion QOCH in Italy, where he won a Military Cross for bravery.

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    Acting Major, Charles Alexander CAMERON, in command of 'B' Company 2nd Battalion Queens Own Cameron Highlanders was awarded an immediate Military Cross for actions on the 30th September / 1st October 1944, Monte Reggiano, Italy.

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    Being a 2 CAMERONS would, in all likelihood, place this wonderful chap at the Second and Third Battles of Cassino.

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    Additional information from the casualty lists :

    Wounded in action in Tunisia on the 28th March 1943 serving with the 5th Battalion Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
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    Wounded in action in Italy on 3rd May 1944 serving with 2nd Battalion Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
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