M.V. Fishpool and M.V. El Argentino gunner losses 26/7/43

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    M.V. Fishpool was lost after an Axis air attack at Syracus, Sicily. Lloyd's says had onboard 36 crew and 17 gunners, of whom 23 crew and 5 gunners lost. CWGC lists 23 MN deaths, but I can only identify the 4 gunners below to associate with this loss.

    WATSON, Matthew, Act/Leading Seaman, D/JX 229934, (President III), MPK [PlyM]
    COLLIE, Thomas P, Gunner, RA (2 Maritime Regt), 2875823 [SYRACUSE WAR CEMETERY, SICILY]
    CUMMINGS, Joseph P, Gunner, RA (1 Maritime Regt), 1809118 [SYRACUSE WAR CEMETERY, SICILY]
    JONES, Robert J, Gunner, RA (1 Maritime Regt), 1564978 [SYRACUSE WAR CEMETERY, SICILY]

    M.V. El Argentino was also sunk in an air attack on this date (but west of Cape Carvoeiro). Lloyd's says 4 crew lost in the that sinking and 84 crew and 10 gunners survived, but I've identified one gunner loss, in addition to the 4 MN deaths.

    LEACH, Leonard A, Gunner, RA (6 Maritime Regt), 6297100, killed [PlyM]

    So is Lloyd's in error with the gunner losses associated with these two sinkings or was Gnr Leach the fifth gunner lost with Fishpool?


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    Hi Steve,
    Lloyd's is correct on this occasion and gunner Leach was the fifth gunner lost with the FISHPOOL.

    LEACH, Gunner, LEONARD ALEXANDER, 6297100, 6 Maritime Regt., Royal Artillery. (SS Fishpool) 26 July 1943. Age 34. Son of William Thomas Leach and Caroline Leach; husband of Florance Ruth Leach, of Plumstead, London. Panel 85, Column 1.

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