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    Seeking any information (movments, crew, evacuees on board etc) for M/V Kota Baroe. I believe she left Tjilatchap on 1 March 1942. Where had she come from and where did she sail to?
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    I don't know your source but an alternative (i.e. correct) spelling could be 'Kota Bharu' after the city in Kelantan, North-East Malaya. That might help your searching.

    It is probably too big an assumption to suggest that's where it came from.
  3. sol

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    There was Dutch ship with the name Kota Baroe.


    Photo from here. Also you have some photos and info on this sites:

    Kota Baroe
    SS Kota Baroe
  4. sol

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    Daisy I found this on www.DutchFleet.net • Kraaienest

    The ships which had carried the NEI aircraft from the US were the Kota Baroe (arrived in Tjilatjapon 27 February 1942 where it was unloaded)
    The first six aircraft arrived on 27 February 1942 in the port of Tjilatjap on the MS Kota Baroe
    And this (after I translate it with Google Translate)

    "Escape from India" We had to train to Cilacap, where we embarked on the Kota Baroe. On March 2, 1942 was leaving the dock and heading put to Colombo where we arrived ten days later.
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    No info for you but another shot of the Dutch ship with the name Kota Baroe.


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  6. Hugh MacLean

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    Hello Daisy,

    I can confirm the above noted ship as the one you are seeking information on. Although Dutch she was taken over by U.S. War Shipping Administration and converted to transport in 1942, returned to owner in 1948 and scrapped in 1957.

    My reply to you on MM site:

    There is a movement card at the National Archives, Kew for KOTA BARDE which I believe may be a typo and should be KOTA BAROE. I can't find a ship named BARDE so assume should be BAROE the tonnage is the same. THe link is here: http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documentsonline/details-result.asp?Edoc_Id=8178914&queryType=1&resultcount =8

    Also, maybe worth contacting Henk Meurs as he may have some information on her.

    Photo of same: http://www.damennaval.com/dynamisch/...aroe__1929.jpg


  7. BryanH

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    What are you looking for, I have a copy of the ships newspaper dated July 18, 1945.
    I also have some copies of orders with some other information. My grandfather was on that ship
  8. spidge


    Hi Bryan and welcome.

    Marvellous what you find discussed on the net these days.

    Any photos or history that you can add on the ship/crew etc would be most welcome.


  9. BryanH

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    Photos other then my grandfather i have not. I do have orders with names of some personell assigned as well as the the ship paper with some more crew members names, daily goings on and a message from the capt. I will try and scan the paper and load it up this afternoon.
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    Bryan welcome to the forum

  11. BryanH

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    For some reason I can not upload a copy of the ships paper if anyone else wants to try let me know and I'll enail it to you:confused:
  12. Derrick

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    Still have that newspaper? I would be interested in a copy.

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