Memorial for the victims of the Lisbon Maru

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    The Lisbon Maru Memorial Project plans to erect a memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum in 2021 to the 828 British servicemen who perished in the Lisbon Maru atrocity in 1942 and the more than 200 who died later in prisoner of war camps in Japan and have since been forgotten by the world. This is a private initiative, and while it has the support of all the service associations concerned, it will rely heavily on private donations for funding.

    The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, because of the involvement of The Middlesex Regiment, one of its forebear Regiments, is administering the Project and collecting on behalf of all the Service organisations involved.

    Your donation will help keep alive the memory of these men who suffered so much in the cause of freedom.

    Memorial to the Lisbon Maru Atrocity at the NMA
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    Thanks for bringing this information to the forum. I look forward to seeing the new memorial a the Arboretum presently.
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    Thanks Bamboo, i’d love to see this become reality.
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    Very grateful for this, Thank you.

    In loving memory of:- 3322892 Lance Corporal Christoper Stuart 2nd Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Taken prisoner Singapore 15-2-1942 Released Nagoya, Japan 7-9-1945 Survived being torpedoed USS Tang
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    Some might find this of interest

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