Mike Heenan - Royal Signals SCU 7, 1, 8, 21 Army Group, X4 & Delhi

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    It's probably too late in the day now to find out more info on my dad, but here goes:
    Michael (Mike) Heenan served in the
    Middlesex 3 Battalion Home Guard May 1941 to September 1943
    SCU No 7 September 1943 to March 1944
    SCU No 1 March 1944 to April 1944
    SCU no 8 April 1944 to May 1945
    SCU No 7 & 21 Army Group May 1945 to October 1945
    X4 & SCU Delhi October 1945 to April 1946
    11 Comms Unit April 1046 to August 1946
    and finally SEAC Singapore August 1946 to June 1947.
    Dad refused to speak of ANYTHING of the war or his involvement other than relate a lovely tale(?) of swiping through the wavebands while on the lawns at the back of Versailles Palace and coming across Churchills declaration that the War in Europe was over. The rest of his wartime years are as above.
    We have photos of a period in Burma with Barlow, Collins, Ron Comber, Cowley, Donaldson, Ernie Ferrett, Frearson, Pete Fryer, Stan Jones, Langton, Linley & McGregor - all being serving Royal Signals guys.
    Any links or info gratefully received. Dave Heenan (ps NO relation to any notoriuos Heenans mentioned throughout the internet!)
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    Hi, Many thanks for the links. We do have Dad's Service Record but the National Archives link is excellent - Something to look forward to when they're fully open, Thank you.

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