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Discussion in 'Italy' started by Paul Reed, Mar 4, 2008.

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    Ha! Superb bit of additional information. thank you so much.

    I assume this was 201st Guards Brigade.
  2. Gary Tankard

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    Handwritten one is from 167 Brigade, the typed one from 201 Guards Brigade.
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  3. Gary Tankard

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    I thought you might find this interesting. It is a sketch on the back of a 167 Brigade sit-rep from 4th December. It shows how close 167 and 201 Tac HQs were.


    I'm not sure how familiar you are with the location but for those that aren't - the square is Mieli, the mule track is clear as it the gully to the right. BA = Bare Arse, RB = Razor Back. 727 is...well Point 727.
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  4. Gary Tankard

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    This was taken from the mule track on the way up to - the location of the tac HQs is in the area of trees at the base of the cliff.


    This shows the gully on the right and 727. The mule track isn't very clear from here.


    And, at the risk of my ugly mug appearing on the internet, this was taken from the middle of Mieli after a climb up to the 'monastery' on an extremely hot Sunday afternoon. We got some strange looks from the locals but after we explained we were British they understood. :D
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  5. TTH

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    Great post, really gives you an idea of what the men were up against.

    What appalling terrain, it looks like the worst of Gallipoli.
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    Imagine being made to walk up that in the pissing rain, BEFORE nasty people start shelling you.
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