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    I'm researching the RAF service of Geoffrey Thomas Cox. Can anyone explain what Bois Meglie was?
    "Mosquito LR386 Missing from attack on V-1 site Bois Meglie 5.2.1944
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    I may be hopelessly obvious but possible a wood called Megile in which a V1 launch site was located.
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    Presumably lost with F/Sgt J Anderson (pilot) killed same date and buried in Cherbourg
    Buried at CHERBOURG OLD COMMUNAL CEMETERY. Plot 6. Row F. Grave 12. (Anderson Grave 10)

    A little strange, as I associate V1 sites further east, Pas de Calais area. Possibly ditched in the Channel and then washed ashore by currents near Cherbourg. In February 1944 they were based at Hunsdon, just North of Harlow.

    This website shows the attack was at Bois Megle (no "i") St Victore 76.... but don't know which is correct, or where near the Channel coast it might be. ANDERSON James - 21 Sq RAF

    Cause of loss given as Ground Flak. 21 Squadron also lost LR380 the following day, (Sercombe and Webb, buried Dieppe) presumably on similar duties.

    EDIT to add: This looks like the location
    Bois Mègle, 76760 Ancretiéville-Saint-Victor, somewhat SSE of St Valery en Caux.
    Getting hit on way home, ditched in Channel may explain why in Cherbourg, or brought in by fishermen...
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    Thanks Guys, extremely helpful.
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    7185A622-54BC-4A5F-85CB-14F99D3038DC.jpeg Here is the NOBALL target information for this launching site
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    After a very quick look through the ORB, it looks as though they may have been on 21st op with the squadron when lost, but will check again if needed. This extract from the ORB seems to explain the circumstances of the loss.

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    Thank you AlanW, very helpful.
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    Forgot to add that they were posted in to 21sqdn on 25th May 43.

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