Murdered? ATS Private

Discussion in 'The Women of WW2' started by Tonym, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. graeme

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    Further photo

    funeral 6a.jpg


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  2. Jewel

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    Your very welcome and thank you very much again guys for all your efforts in trying to find out Doris's story , posting the pictures and
    still digging for answers , appreciate it all .

    Thank you all for your service . Very best Wishes to all , Julie and Family.
  3. spidge


    The medals of Private Doris Gertrude Dicken, ATS

    Good luck with any further research Julie.

    Dicken_Doris Gertrude Private_ATS.jpg


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  4. Jewel

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    Thank You very much for doing that Geoff , appreciate it :)

    Cheers Julie :)
  5. Tricky Dicky

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    Hi Geoff

    Do you know where the medals are actually held??

  6. spidge


    No TD!

    Just did some photo work for Julie!


  7. Jewel

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    Hi TD
    TOM2 has all Doris's medals in a display case , he is Thomas Dicken my Dads cousin ,
    it was Tom's Dad , Doris's brother whom she had just posted the birthday card to, she was shot just after.

    In one news paper article The Observer, they said she had just returned from a holiday in the Holy Land, was it normal during WW2 to go on vacation
    especially to the Holy Land ? not sure were the news paper got that story from ?

    Have a good week all, Cheers Julie .
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  8. amberdog45

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    Julie, you should try writing to the MOD office in Glasgow to see if they can find Dolly's ATS record. Not all of them exist, but if your lucky it could be the best £30 you spend. If they don't find the record, they return the £30. It could shed some light on the Holy Land trip. Thanks again for sharing all the photos and information. Cheers Maria
  9. Drayton

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    At that time both Palestine and Egypt were British-administered territories, with army transport going back and forth from time to time. Doris would be entitled to leave, and it would have been possible to cadge a lift and spend a few days in Palestine, staying in ATS quarters.

    Not your full-package "holiday", but a bit of a break and a chance to see a few sights.
  10. Mackan2017

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    Gotta say people are amazing, truly amazing......your combined abilities regarding researching & information- gathering are stunning. Well done to you all, you deserve the admiration of all of us. Needless to say I'm jealous, and wish that I possessed even a smidgin of your talent for digging through the archives & records.
    Well done again!!

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