My Family, the Holocaust and Me: BBC Documentary

Discussion in 'The Holocaust' started by Grasmere, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. Grasmere

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    Last night, on BBC1, I watched the first of two documentaries from Judge Robert Rinder, called My Family, the Holocaust and Me. The second is next Monday evening.

    Following on from the episode of Who Do You Think you Are, in which he examined his mother's family's experiences, Robert traces his paternal line, and other Jewish families take part.

    Very powerful and very well put together. Worth watching if you are interested in the Holocaust.
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  2. dbf

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  3. Grasmere

    Grasmere Active Member

    I know, as I said in the OP, this latest programme looks at the other side of the family.

    A heart rending story and awful experiences for any Jewish family to go through.
  4. dbf

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    My link wasn't a a criticism, just adding more info in case of interest to anyone not aware of that particular episode.
  5. AB64

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    I've just watched it and it is a massively powerful programme, not sure its right to say I'm looking forward to the next episode but I will definitely be watching and I'd recommend it to all, be ready for tears though - it is so important to remember the individual stories behind the numbers and these can be so easily lost in the sheer scale
  6. Marco

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    Also in this documentary, it is notable how much Sobibor pops up. This was for me a reason to visit the site a few years back.
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  7. Grasmere

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    There is an eye witness account that is particularly poignant, and I have to admit, I did have tears.
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