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    Went to LAC today and as always it was a bit of a mixed bag.

    Photographed some paint chips with samples from Mike Starmer for comparison purposes - fine.

    Photographed the entirety of the file on the Valentine tank. Unfortunately it was less interesting than I hoped. A lot of just requests for and sending documents. Things I learned though... at one point in '41 there was a suggestion to make the tank without the shock absorbers. So they fixed a tank so the shock absorbers wouldn't work and did firing tests. Not surprisingly... it didn't fire as well on the move.

    And then came the disappointments. One box of files, was not the box number I requested. And the last two boxes did not CONTAIN the file I wanted even though they were the correct box in the library system.

    I did get some interesting pictures of pictures - of damaged tanks, of the prototype of the anti-mortar radar system used in NWE, etc - and I ended up speaking to an archivist. So hopefully I will be able to see the correct files in August.

    (The files I did not find contained:
    - report on the Kingforce Churchill tanks
    - AFV technical reports for Mediterranean area
    - Winter tests by US & Canada at Shilo (SW Manitoba) 1942-47)

    Maybe the best thing:
    - in a file in one of my boxes I found a report on operational procedures on recce by the 12th Manitoba Dragoons. That looked pretty interesting. I'll post it when I get the pictures off my camera.
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