New Battle of Atlantic Film - Greyhound

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    This will no longer be getting a cinema release as it has been signed up by the Apple+ streaming service instead. Not surprising really as they also have the rights to his 8th Air Force drama series.
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    A critical review on the BBC Radio 5 by Robbie Collin, someone I have never heard of:
    Link: BBC Radio 5 live - Kermode and Mayo's Film Review, Alfre Woodard, Scoob!, Greyhound and The Way Back, Greyhound reviewed by Robbie Collin
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    From a cross-section of reviews: it's a surprisingly literal representation of the strain and peril of an Atlantic convoy with only slight attempts at narrative structure and character development, no metaphorical subtext, and quite plausible historical grounding.

    My instinct is that what doesn't really satisfy movie reviewers might conceivably be right up 'our' collective alley (so to speak)!
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    I finally got around to watching this, by getting a week's free trial with Apple TV. I watched with my father who is interested in the Battle of the Atlantic so that was a plus.

    I thought it was very good. As Charley said, it was a good literal representation of the strain and peril - you saw the really difficult decisions the captain was forced to make. Some things were I suspect Hollywoodisms, but I really enjoyed it. Also I am going to read The Good Shepherd. Bravo to Mr Hanks for writing the screenplay and getting this made.

    Also worth noting - the quality of the CG for the ships and the sea was nothing short of fantastic.

    PS Canceling the subscription was extremely annoying, but worth it in the end. Possibly I was being a bit of an idiot while trying to do so.
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