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    I’ve just been browsing the 92nd Field Regiment War Diaries for its time with the BEF in 1939-1940 (thanks Drew!)

    I was thrilled to see my Grandad’s name listed (750930 Gnr W F Gatty) on the Field Return Of Other Ranks for 10 February 1940 (whoever filled in the form has mistakenly recorded it as 1939), as I understand one doesn’t always see ORs named in the diaries.

    I note that he is being recalled from “No. 2 Coy” and I have no idea as to what this means. Some of the preceding Field Returns ORs have “No. 1 Base Depot” added after the No. 2 Coy, so I am assuming this would be the case here too.

    Does this mean that he was being recalled from, presumably, Woolwich, (I am still awaiting his service records but I have a strong belief that he was in 368 Bty, which I believe was based at Woolwich. That would make sense as he lived in Eltham at that time), and what exactly was “No.2 Company”?

    I ask as I don’t know if it’s just exactly that, simply a Company numbered 2 or if it’s cryptic army language for some particular role or duty.


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