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  1. nwalton

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    my late father (who would have been 100 next year) served with this regiment during the war.
    His name was Captain Edward John Walton

    I lost all his war flight books etc (during messy divorce) have found a few bits about his war years was hoping someone just might know what his regiment did during the war.I have a few memories telling me he was in India and also Iceland,but cant recall much else

    In a piece i found ,it states he was number 15 patrol commander,what does this mean?

    Many thanks for any help, i think the site is great keeping the memory of all these brave men alive

    thanks again
  2. Drew5233

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    15 Patrol Commander may be a typo or similar to No. 15 Platoon Commander ?
  3. Aixman

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    Hello NWalton and welcome to the forum.

    Have a look at this link (from Trux pages on this site).

    Search for text "Phantom" (about 90 percent down on this very long page).
    Then find "Patrol" and you will see the organization (strength, trades, armament, vehicles) of a patrol and some more information.

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  4. Trux

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    There is more information (the equivalent of 20 pages worth) in the Royal Armoured Corps section of the Trux 21 Army Group section of the forum. Although concerned with liaison and signals it was a part of the RAC.

    Unfortunately all of this refers to 1 GHQ Liaison Regiment in NW Europe. 2 GHQ Liaison Regiment was in Italy. Basic tasks and organisation are similar.

  5. nwalton

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    thank you so much for your help,will get onto straight away
  6. Aixman

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    I was somehow aware that there should be "a bit" :) more on your pages but failed to find it then. Thank you for "heads up".

  7. Drew5233

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  8. nwalton

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    no drew not a clue,as i have lost his flight book and other material of his war years,thanks for the link though
  9. ash0212

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    I might be able to help as I have various records concerning those who served in 2 GHQ Liaison Regt during the WW2.
    Asher Pirt
  10. nwalton

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    sorry for late late reply but have forgot all about this with my early onset dementia
    Asher Pirt if you pick this message up i would love any help you can give me and my family about dad
  11. MongoUK

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    Good morning,

    From my records, it appears that Lt Walton joined Phantom in Italy when GHQ Liaison Regt CMF (Formerly "H" Squadron) was expanded in January 1945 and left on the 30th August 1945 under the UDF Release Scheme (I'm not 100% sure what that is...).

    Phantom were a Signals unit, mainly reporting allied position during battles, back to Corps and Army level HQs, to give a clearer view of the battles as they happened.
    As a patrol leader, he would have been working in a jeep, close to the front alongside other units, which obviously had it's risks.

    He was made an Acting Captain on the 5th March 1945.

    It looks like he spent some time working alongside the 5th Kresowa Infantry Division and the 8th Indian Division during April/May 1945.

    My grandfather also served in Phantom in Italy, although I'm yet to pin down his exact position.

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  12. nwalton

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    thank you so much for this info
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