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  1. MongoUK

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    Hi all,

    Just as a clarification, are units Nominal Rolls likely to only be within unit files at The National Archives, or may they be in a less obvious location?

    Trying to prove where my step-granddad served, rather than making an educated guess.

    I have been to the National Archives and bulk ordered the WO 215 files (GHQ Liaison), however this has yielded little in the way of nominal rolls.

    I have an idea of the Squadrons that he was assigned to through dates etc, but any kind of documented proof to support it would be great.

  2. Charley Fortnum

    Charley Fortnum Dreaming of Red Eagles

    Regimental Museums, in such cases as they exist.
  3. idler

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  4. MongoUK

    MongoUK Junior Member

    Thanks Idler, I've got one of Asher's books, and have google previewed bits of others.
  5. ash0212

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    I have updated the Phantom database over the years and have fairly complete nominal rolls for most of the Squadrons including address books for officers and other ranks. Sorry I have not been around for ages. Asher
  6. GillB

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    My late father was in Phantom. I have just received his service papers and am about to start wading through the jargon and abbreviations. I have a copy of ash0212’s book and he is listed in it. I have seen a couple of books about Phantom, one by Andy and Sue Parlour and another by Philip Warner. Can anyone make any recommendations about either of these books or any other books on the subject? Also, would I be able to get copies of War diaries. If so, what is it likely to cost. I do have some photos if ash0212 is interested.
  7. Charley Fortnum

    Charley Fortnum Dreaming of Red Eagles

    Not my field, but one of the earlier books on Phantom was Phantom Was There by R.J.T. Hills. It's rather costly now, but editions are available:


    War Diaries typically run from 200-400 pages for a twelve month period, including appendices and supplementary materials. This largely holds true for infantry battalions, brigades and divisional units, but I can't say whether a more irregular outfit like Phantom might generate a greater or lesser paper trail.

    The diaries are held at the National Archives at Kew and are not available online. The people there will copy files for you, but the standard cost is one arm and one leg. Two members here offer a superior copying service.

    You could message them and enquire:
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  8. GillB

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    Thanks for the information. I’ll look into it. Its not practical for me to get to the National Archives as I live too far away. I suspected that the charge for copying at TNA would be prohibitive.
  9. Charley Fortnum

    Charley Fortnum Dreaming of Red Eagles

    It almost certainly will be.

    Those two members whose profiles I posted above will sort you out. I believe that they both charge 10p per page--that's £20 to £40 per year of diaries on average. I suspect that the equivalent from the official copying service will run to hundreds.
  10. GillB

    GillB Member

    Thanks again for the info. As you say, I’m not quite sure what sort of records were kept for Phantom as they worked in smaller units. I wish I’d taken notes of what my Dad used to tell us, but you don’t think about it at the time. I can remember some of the things, but you forget details. I suspect I’m not the only family historian to say that.
  11. MongoUK

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    Hi Gill,

    Can recommend Drew as a great resource, I recently used him to picture a file that I had missed when I went down last.
  12. Charley Fortnum

    Charley Fortnum Dreaming of Red Eagles

    I know exactly how you feel. My sole excuse is that I was still a boy when my grandfather was around to talk about the war--but unlike some he was content to talk about it and I feel now, far too late, that I should have been listening.

    As to Phantom, it's possible--I might say likely--that somebody here has already consulted the various phantom unit diaries. If the search function doesn't turn up anything, start a new thread specifically asking and you night get lucky.
  13. GillB

    GillB Member

    Thanks to you both. Dad used to talk quite a bit to us, but didn’t generally touch on the nastier side of the war. More the funnier things. I can remember quite a bit as can my brother and sister, but it’s some of the detail that you tend to forget. If only we’d taken a tape recorder.....

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