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  1. Dave Evans

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    Good morning, thank you for replying to my question.
    I have no record of service for either my Grandfather or my Uncle so i have no idea which battalion they were in. I know they were in Italy and that my Grandfather went into Austria at the end of the war as he had a music box and a piece of swastika ribbon from there, maybe thats of some help.
    I am trying to trace my family's war service and have all the details of my fathers service in the Royal Navy, but nothing on the other side of the family so any help you can give is gratefully recieved.
    Thank you, Dave
  2. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    As he was Austria at end of war that sounds like 5th Bn who were in 78th Division.
    2nd Bn in 5th Div were in Germany at the end of the war.
  3. minden1759

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    If it was 5 NORTHANTS then your grandfather and uncle would have been at Monte Cassino for the Third and Fourth Battles.



    Well done to Owen of solving that one. Excellent.
  4. Robxray

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    Owen my Grandfather was 2nd Bn and told me about them being in Austria and being in lodgings with local farmer. He is senior in years now but still gives me a real insight of what they went through. He like others say he was just doing his duty which sometimes seems to be forgotten. He also retained his war diary which they were all given by his unit.
  5. Robxray

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    I am searching for a lady who's Grandfather was Thomas White Northamtonshire Regt stationed in Wuppertal Germany. Can anyone help with tracing his service records. She is trying to find his Service number at present.
  6. Robxray

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    Before Italy campaign he was in Suez before going on to Scilly and then Italy. Was this part of 1st Army?
  7. Owen

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    First Army only existed for the Tunisian campaign.
  8. Tricky Dicky

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    You do not need his service number - you can only obtain his WW2 service record from the MOD, there is NO OTHER way, but you will need a copy of his death certificate - the MOD link for the application forms is - Requests for personal data and service records: a detailed guide

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  9. vitellino

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    If it was 5 Northants after Cassino he was at Montegabbione and on the Trasimene Line in Umbria.


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