Novice needs help with Grandads service records 119/268 & 92nd

Discussion in 'Service Records' started by celebman, Jun 24, 2018.

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    Great stuff, thank you.

    I think I may pop Derek a message, cheers.
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    I have become somewhat personally interested in the early postings.
    1.1.40 Posted to 268 Field Battery if this was exactly so 268th Battery was based at Trinity Road, Dudley, here there was not a lot of space for training as it originally stabled horses. Most of their training was carried out in Redditch a more rural area. (Dudley was in Worcestershire until 1971).
    However after a Medical reclassification he was posted to RHQ 119 Field Regiment.
    This was where I was an Army Cadet in the early 1960's.
    It was in Easemore Road Redditch then on the outskirts of the town. It had fairly good garage and training facilities for guns and vehicles and a concrete parade ground.
    Down the road in the Abbey Meadows there was ample room for fieldcraft training.
    When I was a Cadet it was HQ Battery 267 Field Regt. with Q stores and training facilities for Signals and Survey.

    In June 1940 61 Division moved to Northern Ireland partly due to fear of a German invasion there but mainly due to the training facilities available for the whole Division.
    Your relative stayed there until taking embarkation leave in June 1942 after which he was posted to Woolwich in August. Probably to organise stores etc. for the embarkation to follow.
    He embarked for Egypt on 24 Oct 1942 having been Taken on Strength X List RA (reserve) in Middle East Force Disembarking at Egypt Base Depot RA.3rd Jan 43.
    He remained on X List Granted SSP (Support Staff Posting?) until posted to 92 Field Regt on 25.5.43.
    Others can help you on this next phase of his war.
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    Have you had a look at his Royal Artillery Tracer card. You can find them online. I should imagine it will say on there.
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    I have these but no mention of the Bty 30A775E0-CCCE-4C18-B78A-2AC77AD55410.jpeg F28A40A9-A6C1-476D-8163-597EEFF64E40.jpeg should I be looking for something else?
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    Many people overlook their County Archives, worth a try but Covid has created problems getting into them and some records are being centralised in the NA for digitalization at some time.
    You need to know and be able to recognise what you are looking for when reading the documents such as peoples names, units etc. I find the catalogues difficult to follow but just ask the staff.
    I contacted Worcester Archives in The Hive and was surprised to find invaluable documents deposited by members of the Regiment over the years.
    The staff were largely ignorant of what they were, with the exception of one lady who had been there for years when they were deposited.
    In the 1990's (50th Anniversary of WW2) many people gave audio testimonies for the BBC Peoples War Project they were largely done in County Archives or libraries and the written transcriptions held in the Archive vaults, many seemingly un-catalogued.
    In Worcester you can register and go in for free then either pay for their photographer to make copies for you (charged by the hour) or photograph them yourself for a small fee. I suspect its the same elsewhere.
    Its also worth trying to speak to the Regiments old HQ TA Centre now called Army Reserve Centre if it exists. Ultimately there is Lark Hill once the RA School of Gunnery. They are having planning problems at the moment but the staff will help if they have the records there if not is the National Archives. It all depends on where you live and where the Regiment was raised.
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