Nylon Stockings 1940.

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  1. ozzy16

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    I noted a little snippet in our local news paper today.
    On this day 15 May 1940, Nylon stockings went on sale in America. In the first eight hours, 72,000 pairs were
    sold in New York city alone.

  2. TriciaF

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    They arrived in the UK some time after.
    Mum was very fashion conscious and wore them around the end of the war. But they easily got 'laddered'. Then it was me who took them to a local store for repair.
  3. Tony56

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    The reason they appeared later in the UK was that the Government requisitioned supplies for the war effort (apparently - I am not an expert!!):
    21 May 1940
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  4. ozzy16

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    Me neither Tony,
    The product did generate mass intrest, Wikipedia claims fights and riots broke out, such was the demand.

    Nylon riots - Wikipedia

  5. Harry Ree

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    Nylon stockings became a currency for US servicemen posted to Britain before they were available on the open market

    As I remember those without access to the new fashion accessory used to paint their legs to simulate the nylon stocking.

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