Olivia Jordan, Charles de Gaulle’s driver

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    'I was a French war hero's chauffeur'

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    France's President Macron will travel to London on Thursday for ceremonies to mark the 80th anniversary of Charles de Gaulle’s famous BBC broadcast urging the people of France to resist the German invasion.

    De Gaulle led the fight against the Nazi occupation from London. While he was in the UK, a young English woman was his driver.

    Now aged 101, Olivia Jordan told the BBC's James Landale how she came to be the driver for a French war hero.
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    Johnson welcomes Macron for talks and flypast
    A key date in UK-French history
    By Gavin Stamp, BBC News
    It was 80 years ago that General Charles de Gaulle broadcast a historic message from London to his fellow countrymen imploring them not to give up the fight against Hitler.
    France was on its knees at the time, German troops having entered Paris four days earlier, and on the verge of agreeing an armistice confirming its formal military surrender.
    In the message, broadcast in French, De Gaulle said in French "whatever happens the flame of the French resistance must not be extinguished and will not be extinguished".
    Transmitted on the BBC's French Service, the broadcast was not recorded and relatively few people in France heard it.
    But a similar broadcast four days later on the same network reached a wider audience and went a long way to establishing de Gaulle as his country's leader in-exile.
    The 18th June 1940 remains one of the most important dates in UK-French history and still has enormous resonance on both sides of the channel.
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