Olso Allied Forces Day Parade

Discussion in 'Scandinavia' started by alib, Sep 24, 2020.

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    Hi. I've been researching my grandfather's service record. It appears that he was posted to Norway in 1945-1946. The war diaries for his unit shows the unit took part in the Allied Forces Day Parade in Oslo . I have found a British Pathe video of this parade on YouTube. Can anyone identify whether Royal Engineers are shown in this video?

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    Video looks like Oslo rather than Stavanger and shows men of the 1st Airborne Division - 7th KOSB and 1st Border - at the end there are men with Parachute wings but I'm not sure who they are, I cant see any Engineers
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    Thank you. That's very helpful. My apologies if this is in fact Oslo rather than Stavanger
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    Glad it wasn't just me thinking that

    I have in the past found Pathe archives quite badly annotated and one needs to be careful taking their own attribution at face value
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    There are a pair of distinct buildings at the back of part of the video that I recognised, I just checked back on street view and they do seem to be Oslo town hall - also I'm not sure if 1 Border were in Stavanger, I think they stayed more in the Oslo area.

    No need to apologise, I enjoyed the video, I have met a lot of Border veterans who were in Norway - I just wish I could pick some out in the video
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    Incidentally - is it my imagination or does one of the ships in the Video look rather like this one still in Oslo in 2000?

    Apologies having trouble posting pic

    try again
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