Only post Lancaster pictures here.

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    Excellent photographs posted of the Lancaster.

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    What was his name?

    Looked at an old Bomber Command magazine going back to 1995 and there is a good article on a Hemswell No 150 Squadron crew,together with a photograph....photograph taken after they returned from participating in an Operation Manna drop.
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    Photos from the WW2 419th RCAF Moose squadron in Middleton-St.George crica 1944. brought back from England by Sgt John Volkes

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    Crew of RAF 90 Squadron Lancaster WP-A “Kamloops Special” of A Flight. Circa July 1944 Tuddenham.

    Standing from left Tom Woodbridge RAF (bomb aimer), Frankie Lee, RCAF (mid-upper gunner), Alf Brown RAF (wireless operator), Alan “Shep” Shepherd DFM, RCAF (pilot), Jack Grubb RAF (flight engineer), Les Cornelius RAF (navigator), Bob Adams RAF (rear gunner).
    Seated - Ground Crew (names not known)

    All of the crew survived their tour with 90 squadron. Bob Adams was subsequatly killed in an accident in 695 squadron on 20 May 1945. The remainder of the crew survived the war.

    Kamloops formal.JPG
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    From the database of Hugh Halliday

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    Another Lanc from 90 Squadron Tuddenham.

    90 Squad WP-C.jpg
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    Generally the missions shown in that list agree with my fathers log book and also with Bob Adams log book. However there is an error regarding the Moerdijk and Wartet operations. The Moerdijk op took place on 16 September 1944. I also think that Wartet was never a destination in their bombing ops. Having said that, I believe that my father participated in one or two secret ops that were possibly not logged eg. refer my fathers notes in .

    I guess there is a slight possibilty that Shep may have conducted a secret mission to Wartet at some time. For correct log book entries on those September 44 dates see the last photo of the log book entry (at that link).
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    I have a fantastic picture of a Lancaster flying over the fens of the Netherlands in winter. This was gifted to me by some wonderful Dutch friends during a trip to Oosterhout to visit my late fathers grave. I would love to share this picture with people on this forum, but I can't seem to fathom out how to upload it onto this site. Can anyone out there enlighten me please?!!
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    I also wonder if anyone has any photos of 9 squadron, flying out of Waddington? My father was a navigator on Lancaster ED 347. This plane was shot down over the Netherlands on 20th Dec 1942 with the loss of all the crew. A photo of the plane would be wonderful, a photo of the crew would be truly fantastic. Thank you.
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    Squadron 115 - My uncle Don Miller standing on left of backrow.

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    DSC_0051.jpg DSC_0036.jpg DSC_0158.JPG DSC_00271.jpg DSC_0477.JPG A couple more from my collection
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    Now, that's the way to do it!

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    The 4th photo above (with the crew standing by the aircraft) is not a Lancaster. Wrong engine and cowling.
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    i think 'just jane' was at biggin hill airshow in 1967. we were air cadets sleeping in a tent there. i remember it was pissing down and 3 of us climbed aboard and had a 'play' :) no guns in it but the rear turret would crank round!

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