Operation Bulbasket: 66 years

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  1. Having just returned from the Vienne I am a day late in posting this remembrance to the men of Operation Bulbasket who were executed by the enemy on 7th July at St Sauvant. Rest in Peace lads.

    Also Ogg, Williams and Pascoe, believed killed by leathal injection whilst POW's in hospital, and Lt Lincoln Bundy of the USAAF, and members of the Maquis, all of whom were killed whilst part of this operation between June and July 1944.

    Not forgotten.
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    Thank you for the post. I had not heard of this operation.

    Thank you for the link, it made my spine tingle reading the account.

    As Sapper would say, the Das Reich paid for their sins later in the Falaise gap.

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    Congratulations on your website.

    Have you got a photograph of Lt Stephens grave at Verrieres Communal Cemetery?...hard to find unless you have conducted research.

    If you Google Lincoln Bundy you will find more of him and his family background.From memory,I think they were not aware of his burial location.

    Over the years I have noticed that the parking amenities by the Rom cemetery have been improved as interest in Bulbasket has increased....a beautiful CWGC plot here without doubt.
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    Hi Harry,

    You're right, there doesn't seem to be any photos on the internet of the crypt where Lt. Stephens is entombed.
    A friend took some photos of the two SAS badges left in July 44 by Cpt. Tonkin just inside the local family's chapel but sadly he says they have recently disappeared.
    Do you have any photos yourself ?
    I have read a few pages on sites about the American pilot Bundy, very sad story for his family.

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    Hello Alain.

    Yes I have photographs of the graves at Rom and Lt Stephens place of burial within the Verrieres Communal Cemetery plus a photograph of the memorial in the wood where Lt Stephens and a Maquis contingent was captured.

    First tried many years ago to find Lt Stephen's resting place but I could not even find the cemetery within Verrieres.The cemetery was not identified and not signposted. it is located behind a large wall and high gates...had to give up on fading winter light.I see the CWGC now gives clear information down to naming the family Mangier and De Montjon families who secreted his body to burial after he was cold bloodily murdered on capture.(Unusually,the Michelin map does not identify the Communal Cemetery.)

    Then in 2004,we stopped overnight at Vivonne (on the old Bordeaux road) on our way to Bordeaux and made our way to Verrieres on the Saturday morning and found the large wooden gates open,revealing the cemetery.From memory there was a green wooden cross with Lt Stephens's name on it and I think,his parent regiment,SWB South Wales Borderers which was kept within the burial crypt. I will locate the photographs and you can have a copy.
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    Hi Harry,

    That's excellent, and great to hear I'm not the only person who spends their free time walking around cemeteries in France. If you're looking for one particular tombstone it can take hours to find and as you know at first you feel a bit of an intruder or when you close the squeeky entrance gates you feel like you've locked yourself in !
    If you do find the photos I'd love to see them and if it's okay with you I could add them to my article. I have a photo of the monument in the woods but without the wreaths often left by British visitors.
    Here's my e-mail address for the photos :

    Thanks again Harry,

  9. This is disappointing news. I was fortunate enough to be in Verrieres in October (2013) and I am pretty sure the badges were still on the wooden cross at that time.

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    Hi Jonathan,

    I've checked with my friend and the last time he was at the cemetery was in September 2013 and the badges were no longer on the cross, he made enquiries at the mayor's office but couldn't find out anything on their disappearance. If you were at Verrieres in October 2013 and they were there then perhaps for whatever reason they were taken away temporarily, who knows ! But from what you're saying they're back, which is the news we want to hear.

  11. Hi Alain,

    I have checked my photographs and unfortunately on this visit I only took a distance photo of the mausoleum where Twm Stephens is buried. When I zoom the picture the resolution is very poor but I can see the cross and the outline of the two badges they were a shoulder flash and beret badge) but the centre of the badges is very indistinct. I now think I can only see the imprint of the badges on the cross and that you and your friend are right - they have gone, which is very disappointing.

    I am sorry to confirm your bad news.

    I have better photos from previous trips when the badges were still there and would be happy to send these to you if you wish.

    Jonathan S
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    Jonathan, that's bad news. My friend has made a close-up photo of the badges from a photo he took a few years ago which I've posted below.
    I'd love to see the photos you mentioned and if it's ok with you I could add them to the article on the blog.

    Thanks, Alain

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  13. Alain,

    I'll search my photos and send them on ... probably tomorrow.


    Jonathan S
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