Operational Reports for action in Burma 1943 - 1946

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    As I have been trying to discover what my Grandfather did as part of his service in Burma, i have come across a set of reports which were published in the London Gazette in 1951 these reports are by the C.I.C. at the time. I have found them really interesting as they detail the units, movements & actions they took part in during these times. I have tried to upload them but the files are too big if anyone can give me an idea as to how to add them happy to upload for others to access.

    Cannot upload but here is the link to the files the Burma files start at file ref 39187, hope someone find them helpful :biggrin:



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    Thank you for this. My grandad was also in Burma from 1943-1945 and I'd not come across these before.
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    Well done for posting these here Richard.

    And thanks for sending them over to me by email earlier today.


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    Very nice find. Thanks.
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    Thank you for putting these links up. It must be odd to write up the war from a strategic perspective some years down the line. You can almost see the arrows on the map. As always there are some tiny interesting comments which make them well worth the read
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    I will second zahonado's thanks Maureen.
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    hi , my great grandad served in Burma , name Albert Bell rank number 4684864 if anyone has a relative who has any pictures of my grandad i'd love to see them and show my nan , his daughter .

    ty x
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    Hi, do you have any more info about Albert, which units he was in . Usually there is someone here who can give you a start if you have a few more bits to go on...Sometimes the units can be identified from the number I think. Good luck
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    Albert's number suggests he was with the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, at least originally in his service. The best thing you can do his apply for his Army service records from the MOD offices at Glasgow.

    Here is a link in that regard:


    The 2nd Battalion of the KOYLI were heavily involved in trying to hold back the Japanese as they swept through Burma in early 1942. But, as zahonado suggests without more information or being sure he was with this unit, there is not much point going in to too much detail at this stage.

    Best wishes

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    ty guys , all i know is grandad's rank number , signed up in 1933 and discharged in 1940/41. i do know ( ty to the koyli meseum ) he was taught in the koyli school ( think it was called ) in 1929 , and i found a certificate to say this happened , in a box at my nan's .
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    Thank you! Tied up a few loose ends with this info regarding my Grandad.
  13. If anyone has further information on Major Anthony Clifford Steadman of the 10th Battalion, Gloucestershire, killed 22 November 1944 in Burma by a Japanese sniper, would love to know it. I have some letters of condolence from other officers written to my grandmother I'd be happy to share if I knew where to send scans.

    [dbf edit] See 10th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment

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