Overview for 51st Division in 1945? And a question

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  1. Chris C

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    Hi all,

    Looking for recommendations on sources which would give me a good account of actions by the 51st Highland Division in (1944 and) 1945. I find myself both hoping for both detail and breadth which are probably impossible.

    Since my interest stems from the actions of 61st A/Tk Reg't, and they supported of all the brigades of the division, an individual account or battalion history will probably only give me a small window into events... :(

    Here is maybe a spot to ask a related question. I combed through the medal citation reports to find those related to the use of Archers. I found more in the 61st Anti-Tank Regiment (in 51st Division) than any other. It seems to me there are a few different possibilities:
    - the Highlanders were fire-eaters!
    - the 51st or the 61st saw more action than other units
    - action using their Archers were luckily observed by more higher-ranking officers
    - the culture surrounding awarding medals was different

  2. stolpi

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    Salmond's History of the 51st HD? Latest edition:

    Salmond 51.jpg

    I'm in it! o_O
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  3. Chris C

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    Thanks, Stolpi!

    Too bad this is a hobby and not a job or I could write off a book purchase like this as a business expense :D
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  5. Chris C

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    No, it's not that expenive! And I'm interested enough to order a copy :)

    I think you're right about Bremen in April.
  6. stolpi

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    re your question about the accomplishments of the 17 pounder SP's - I also thought they feature more than average in the citation reports, not only the 61st A/T Regt but also those of other units, maybe they got a bit more attention because they were a relative newcomer to the frontline - and these ugly 'backward' ducks, to everyone's astonishment, proved to be succesful?

    See for some examples:

    Jan 1945 Ardennes: Ardennes 1945, 51st Highland Div

    Feb 1945 - Goch-Calcar Road : VERITABLE 1945: the Canadian finale (Moyland Wood & Goch-Calcar road)

    March 1945 - Bienen: RHINE CROSSING 1945: The Rees bridgehead (30 Corps in operation 'Turnscrew')

    March 1945 - Emmerich: RHINE CROSSING 1945: The Rees bridgehead (30 Corps in operation 'Turnscrew')
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  7. Chris C

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    You have turned up a LOT of the citations I have :)

    Currently I have:
    20th Anti Tank - 2 (also a periodic MC and periodic DSO for officers for leadership)
    54th Anti Tank - 1
    (55th AT - 1 periodic DSO for leadership)
    59th - 1 (periodical MM but honestly I'm surprised it wasn't immediate - took Archer into open country to destroy Panther)
    61st - 6
    71st - 1 (periodical MC, but involving action with Valentines and Archers on April 10)
    2nd Canadian - 1
    3rd Canadian - 2

    I guess I could look at the number of months each unit was committed to the front and involved in attacks as opposed to defending quieter areas of the line.

    And sometimes I think there just weren't German tanks to shoot!

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